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What is Illuminati? Interesting facts About Illuminati

You must have known about intelligence agencies such as RAW of India, Mossad of Israel, CIA of US and MI-6 of UK. But do you know about Illuminati? Probably would not know, because most of the people of the world would not have even heard its name. Even where Illuminati was born, most of the people do not know about it. So let’s know what is this after all and where did it start?

Illuminati word is mysterious and ancient. It is believed that 70% of all the wealthy people of this world are members of Illuminati. It causes confusion among people from time to time. What is this Illuminati? Who are its members? When and where did it begin? Let us take you to the birthplace of Illuminati today. Today we will talk about this topic in detail.

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What is Illuminati?

The Illuminati (Secret Society) is believed to be a secret organisation. This place is in Germany. The name is Ingolstadt. It is a small city, located in the Bavaria state of Germany. This was the beginning of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt city. The one who started it was a professor of the university here. The Illuminati Club was started on May 1, 1776 by Professor Weishaupt, Professor at Igolstadt University.

Professor Adam Weishaupt named it ‘Order of Illuminati’. It was an intelligence organisation, which wanted to work against religious fundamentalism. He was against the nexus between the church and the government. The objective of the Illuminati was to debate openly on worldly issues. And try to make a better world than common opinion.

The members of the organisation were also against giving more authority to the administration. The people of the this organisation, led by Professor Weishaupt, wanted to establish a world free from radicalism. He wanted people to progress by cutting the fetters of religion with wisdom.

In his mind, there was a dream of a world where everyone has the right to equality. Actually Professor Adam Weishaupt was influenced by the French cultural movement. And the Freemasons movement which was active in many European countries. All these movements were against the growing grip on the Roman Catholic Church’s society.

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Establishment of Illuminati

The interesting thing is that in the German city of Ingolstadt, where the Illuminati started, it has been forgotten there. Today, the city is known more because of the British writer Mary Seely’s novel Frankenstein. Mary wrote this novel in the nineteenth century. Its story is based on Ingolstadt.

If we talk about any sign of Illuminati, today it is mentioned only on the name bar outside the house of Professor Adam Weishaupt. This building is located in a small market in the city. It is said to be the base of the Illuminati’s intelligence meetings.

Apart from this, there is also a book written by Professor Adam Weishaupt in the city’s museum. In this, Professor Weishaupt explained why he founded Illuminati. What is the purpose of this? This book written by his hand is still preserved in the museum. However, the colors of its pages have flown.

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Illuminati ban

On seeing this, it became very popular and spread in a short time, thousands of people joined the Illuminati. But when Charles Theodore came to rule he stopped this and closed all the secretive institutions in Germany. Because he feared that the Illuminati would force against him. But this was a secret organisation that was not easy ban. Some survived and the people continued their propaganda secretly.

It is believed that these people want to rule the world. It is also believed that there was an illusion of Illuminati in the world war. This is an organisation of powerful people who want to establish their kingdom over the entire world. For this, the Illuminati people have to fight each other and separate each other. And then join them in their group on the basis of demonic forces and money. This institution can go to any extent to establish its own kingdom in this world. Now a question will come in your mind that…..

How to know people associated with Illuminati

I can tell you that people who are associated with Illuminati, by adding their two hats at their worksite, they make ∆ Sign. You must have seen a Bollywood star making ∆ this sign. This method before or after performing on the stage.

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Why do these people not reveal their identity to anyone?

Because when someone joins this organisation, then they are sworn not to publicly share evidence of Illuminati affiliation. Otherwise, you will be killed. But people associated with this (Triangle ∆) give their proof by showing the Shape logo to be Illuminati. Perhaps you were Michael Jackson who was also an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. People called him “The King of POP”.

He was also a member of this organisation. One day he Publicly told everyone that he was a member of Illuminati. And then died very mysteriously the other day. But Michael Jackson knew that he would die. Before dying, it was told in the video that “I will not be saved anymore.”

What kind of people join the Illuminati Community?

In fact, this is not a secret organisation, but rather a special community of people who believe in devil powers. For many organisations of the world, intelligence agencies, global mafia, religion gurus, bankers, businessmen. And also lawyers, doctors, arms makers, media houses, writers, film industry, sportsperson, celebrities, big people are included.

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How to join?

Those who are already members of Illuminati can join you or you can join Illuminati’s official website.

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