what is Bermuda Triangle


What is Bermuda Triangle, Mysterious Facts, And Secrets

Whether the Pyramids of Giza on Earth or the Bermuda Triangle, people’s discussions on both subjects never stop. By the way, people say that there are many such places in our world, where there are many deep kingdoms. Well, some people even say that in those places many types of unknown powers are sitting in their homes, which leads to strange incidents.

By the way, let me tell you here, to date science has not been able to comment anything about the occult incidents and strange stories happening in these places.

Well now let’s get to the basic topic, today we will talk about the Bermuda Triangle. Yes! You heard right, today we will talk about Bermuda, the most secretive and mysterious place in the world. So, you are requested that in this wonderful article of today you will definitely stay with me from beginning to end.


What is this Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a type of triangular maritime area present in the North Atlantic Ocean. By the way, this triangular area is located within the island of Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the US state of Florida. This triangular area is also known as the “monster’s triangle”.

By the way, people say that many airplanes and ships coming into this triangular area disappear in very mysterious ways. And after their disappearance, they are not detected. It is also said that most of the cyclones originating in the Atlantic Ocean originate from this triangular region.

Some people see the events happening here by associating them with paranormal activity and also with aliens. Friends! Let me tell you here that many such incidents have happened to date which demonstrates the scary side of this area in front of people.

By the way, in this article, I will tell you about some very strange incidents that happened in the Bermuda Triangle, which you will not believe in your ears. So, continue reading the article to know more about these events.

The secret of the Bermuda Triangle

So, let’s now reveal the secrets related to the Bermuda triangle in this part of the article. By the way, let me tell you here that I will mention some very shocking events that happened in the Bermuda Triangle.


1. Sad Story of Ellen Austin!

It was the year 1880 when a British seaplane named Ellen Austin sailed from London to New York. It is said that many people were present on that ship when it was last out for its journey. He was last seen in the Bermuda Triangle in 1880 while traveling between London and New York.

People say that in very strange circumstances, this ship disappeared in this triangle area and no other name was found again.

2. The secret of the disappearance of the US Navy Cyclops! : –

what is Bermuda Triangle

In 1918, the USS Cyclops, a very large cargo carrier of the US Navy, was lost in the Bermuda Triangle area in a very unknown way. Let me tell you that before losing, one engine of this ship was not working and it had 309 people on board. At that time it was carrying Manganese objects called Manganese.

Even today, the secret of the disappearance of the USS Cyclops has remained the secret. Many arguments are given by people about this, but no one knows the real reason for its loss.

3. How did the sky swallow up 5 American warplanes?

In 1945, the Bermuda Triangle was swallowed up by a fleet of five American war airplanes called Flight 19. Yes! You heard it right, the Flight-19 ships that were flying for a battle workout could never land on Earth again.

He was last seen in the sky of the Bermuda Triangle. After which neither he had any existence nor his whereabouts. Friends! Another strange thing here is that a rescue plane sent to find Flight-19 also disappeared in this Bermuda area in a very unknown way.

4. Douglas DC-3 lost in strange conditions

In 1948, a passenger-plane named Douglas DC-3 departing Puerto-Rico to Miami suddenly disappeared in the area of ​​the Bermuda Triangle. At that time there were 32 passengers inside the ship, who do not even know about it till today. Due to very little information, rescue work was not possible to save them.

5. Story of Connemara IV

In the year 1955, a sea boat of Connemara IV mysteriously disappeared from the world. Yes till today nothing has been known about this yacht. It is said that while traveling in the Bermuda Triangle area, this boat had suffered three big storms. But the surprising thing is that while facing the same sea-storms. People aboard it in one storm They disappeared in the air.


6. The collision between two airplanes and controversial arguments related to it:

In 1963, two American airplanes crashed into the Bermuda Triangle area. In this collision, both aircraft were completely destroyed. But the strange thing is that instead of a collision between the two insurance, there are two places instead of one. That means, after scrutiny, it was found that the faults of both the planes were lying far above each other over the sea.

So, how is it possible? Because the debris of both the insults was not found at one place and got at two far places. Even today, this incident is highly controversial among people.

What do scientists say about the Bermuda Triangle

Although there is a lot of research going on about this area even today. Many scientists have different opinions about it. Some scientists say that the changes in the compass due to the powerful magnetic field here are the reason for the loss of ships. While some scientists consider the adverse atmospheric changes happening here as the cause of accidents.

By the way, it is also worth noting that most of the weather in this area is bad. So, maybe this is why ships are lost. Some geologists say that the “Gulf Stream” is the root cause of the strange events happening here. Whatever the reason may be, but in some areas, accidents also happen due to human error itself, as you can see in the area of ​​”Titanic”.

Well, there is not much to be said on this subject, because it is a very secret and mysterious subject which still needs a lot of light on it. Your opinion on this subject will definitely be commented on.


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