What happens when you die


What Happens When You Die? What If You Never Die?

Hello friends! How are you all? I hope all of you will be well with the blessings of God. Well, what happens after you all die? There will be many stories and stories already read on it. By the way, if I agree, what happens even after death today! Science and scientists do not have any strong evidence about this.

Therefore, making any kind of comment on it is a very big thing in itself. Well, as a child, I was eager to know such mysterious things like all of you.

That’s why today, through this article, I will put the whole science after death in front of you. Friends, in our ancient texts and Puranas, human life has been considered as earthly. and yes! Even after death, our texts have told us well. What will happen after death? We will criticize it very deeply.

How does a human feel before he dies?

Friends, what happens to the mystery after we die or when we die? If we want to highlight this subject, we have to know the things before we die. Because if you do not know the digits then how will you be able to write the number! So, let’s know how a person feels before he dies (based on inferred facts given by scientists).


Symptoms before dying

Friends! The world is strange. As long as there is life, there is value It means to say that as long as a person is healthy, he keeps working to increase his dignity. Nowadays the life of human beings has been limited to only 60-70 years.

So when the last moment comes near (from the perspective of the patient), then he stops any kind of work or social interaction. Unlike other ordinary days, he does not talk to anyone more. He gives more time to his family members before he dies. In the last moments, he wants to be near people and things close to his heart.

Well, all of you must have definitely had a fever at least once in your life. Our body becomes weak during times of fever. In the same way, every person’s body becomes physically and mentally weak before dying.

There can be many reasons for weakness such as lack of oxygen in the body of the patient or non-regularity in eating and drinking. Due to a lack of food and drink, a person’s body gets tired quickly. That is why the body gets tired and asks for more and more sleep. This is the reason why you will always find the person lying in bed. Dehydration can also be the root cause of body weakness.

Let us now have a look at the main symptoms.

1. Lose in Appetite -What happens when you die

What happens to you after you die? It is decided before death. Mostly an enzyme named Catecholamine is found in people close to death. This enzyme reduces hunger in humans. That is why a person cannot eat or drink much while dying. Apart from this, due to Alzheimer’s, the inner muscular system of the human becomes weak and he is not able to swallow food properly.

Here I can understand your mental state, because if you do not eat any of your food in front of you, then it will be very sad. Due to eating less food, there is a rapid decline in weight in a person going to die. If you stop eating for seven days, all this can happen to you.

2. Obesity

What happens when you die

What happens when you die after death, what will not happen is a later thing. But before dying, one really feels very hurt. Due to dwindling physical energy, the hope of living life in humans also disappears. He is unable to walk more in the usual way. In his last time, he talks slowly and very tenuously. The movement that occurs in the body is moving towards bulkiness.

Like this, say the effect of medicines or lack of desire to live, a person’s heart becomes so weak, that he considers getting up from bed also a struggle. Lack of Calories and Electrolytes due to less food does not allow the body to maintain its temperature. Therefore, the body of the person going to die slowly gets colder. Believe it or not, something happens to you after death! But you are going to have a lot of pain before you die.


3. Difficulty in Breathing

Difficulty in Breathing can easily make someone hollow from within. It is the breath that is the basic foundation of life. As long as the breath continues, our body will keep running. Wherever the breath stops, life is sure to end.

In its last moments, a human has difficulty breathing. Breath gradually becomes smaller and loses its influence from the body. After death, what will happen after death is realized only by the dying person?

Because of short and effective breath, the body fluid stored in the throat and lungs does not come out. This is the reason why a person making sound…Ghrr .. Ghrr. Really, isn’t it! Scary! This voice is also called death rattle.

4. The feeling of near-death

What will happen to you after death? It is revealed only after approaching death. Mainly in science, a person can die in two ways.

The first is due to the stopping of the heartbeats and the second due to the brain stops working. No matter how a person dies. But his death is due to the two reasons mentioned above. This includes excess bleeding from the body, internal bleeding, and deep brain injury.

Let me tell you more here! In some areas, examples of people dying and living have also come up. That is to say, his body was alive even after the heart stopped beating.

What happens after death! On this subject, people have told a description of past events at the same time. We also call it a near-death experience. In this, people have said to see the movement around them and the stature of doctors in good shape outside their bodies.

So now come, what will happen to you after you die the main subject, but from the perspective of science, many things happen to your body. But I have ranked the most unique things here.

What happens in a human’s body after death?

Friends! After death, many still find the subject of much interest. But I want to tell you that this topic is really unknown and unimaginative. Science has done some research on dead bodies and puts some results in front of us. Today, due to these results, I will tell you the changes in the body after death.

1. Rigor Mortis

What will happen to you after death? (what happens when you die) The first answer to this question is Rigor Mortis | In simple language, this muscle tightness is called. Typically, in a living human, the cycle of ATP plays a gravitational role in muscle control. When a person dies, the ATP cycle stops. This does not cause Muscle Contraction and the human muscle remains in its last time, it remains in the same state even after dying.

If you have seen it in the newspaper or any online image, then you will know that it goes from the upper part of the body to the lower part of the body. Usually, the body becomes a victim of Rigor-Mortis after 1 to 3 hours of death and its effect is reduced only after 24 hours. If a person’s eyes are not closed immediately after death, then due to Rigor Mortis, they will not be able to open up and close themselves again. Such big eyes and that too is enough to scare you of every corpse.

2. Liver Mortis

If you are asked what happens to you after death? So, you must tell the person about the liver failure because most have seen that immediately after death, the liver completely reverses its functioning. The liver is known for de-toxification in living stages. But after death, the liver releases all the toxic substances present in your body together inside the body.

This makes the blood color Purple-Red. However, the effect of Liver-Mortis is not visible in the places where the body is under pressure. Mostly, Liver-Mortis starts showing its effect within 1 to 2 hours of dying and after 6 to 12 hours its effect remains permanently in the corpse.

From this, the time of death of any man can be estimated. What will happen to you after this death? This is an unheard-of answer.

3. Algor mortis

The strangest of the events that happen to you after death is Algor Mortis | After dying, one’s body gradually loses its temperature. It is also called death-chill. For this process to happen, the body has to depend on the environment.

If a man dies outside in the open, his body temperature will fall rapidly. On the other hand, if a man dies in an enclosed area, his body temperature will gradually decrease. Normally a dead body takes 24 hours to complete this process.

4. Tache Noire – What happens when you die

Our body is very special. Nature has made it very well. When a person is alive, he blinks his eyelids and protects his eyes from drying out and worsening. But if someone’s eyes are not closed after death, dark spots appear around the pupils due to the effect of air for a long time.

You will also see such dark spots on the Tongue of the corpse. So, I hope what happens to you after you die? The answer to each of the questions arising from this will be getting gradually.


5. Removal of foul liquids -What happens when you die

What happens after the removal of foul liquids? There is another great answer to this question. When a person dies, then many types of biological gases are present in his stomach. With the passage of time, this gas condenses inside the body, converting it into a smelly fluid. Later this fluid comes out from the nose, ears, etc.

6. Degloving – What happens when you die

When Purge Liquids cannot get out of the body properly, it creates a lot of pressure inside the body. What will happen to you after this process is dead? The most important answer to this question is. Due to the pressure generated by the gases, the skin of the body bursts out. It looks quite disgusting to see. But this is the reality.

So, friends, these 6 things written above will happen to your body after you die. I hope what happens to you after death? In this article based on the subject of, you will have got a lot of information so far.

Now let’s also take a look at this, what would happen if we never died!

What if you never die?

I have already told in my articles that nothing in this world is permanent forever. If an object or organism originates, its end is also certain. Well, what will happen to you after death? Along with this question comes another question of immortality.

I have already told in my articles that nothing in this world is permanent forever. If an object or organism originates, its end is also certain. Well, what will happen to you after death? Along with this question comes another question of immortality.

Friends! Before I start, let me tell you, I have taken natural grounds for immortality here. Therefore, it will not include any type of accidental or unnatural events.

1. Impact of immortality on our living world

As I have already mentioned. Achieving immortality is a mystery in itself. But what will happen after immortality? What will happen to you after you die? As soon as there is a big question. So, let’s know their effects one by one.

2. Our population will be out of control:

What happens when you die

About 7.7 billion people live on our earth today. By reading this article, 7 to 8 million more people must have come to this earth. 14 to 20 people are dying every 2 seconds. When humans do not die, it is obvious that the population of the earth will increase very fast. Well, if a person wants to control it. But for how long? In a few years, there will be no place to live on earth.

3. Destruction of natural wealth

What will happen after this immortality? Like there is a correct and correct answer to the questions. When the population is at its peak

So, the destruction of natural wealth in nature is sure. Our numbers will increase. But natural wealth will not increase accordingly. So, due to the decrease in natural wealth, life will also start to end slowly. (I have assumed death here naturally). What will happen to life after immortality? So, the answer is very difficult.

4. Rapid development of technology

What will happen after immortality? For this question, I think this fact is the most accurate and unique. What do you think about this? Please tell me by reply. Well, let’s get to the topic. When man will not find any other way to live life, then he will resort to science.

To live, he will discover new planets in space. Will build a new type of vehicle. Will develop new lifestyles. Scientists have speculated that if immortality is possible, then humans will show the development of technology in the coming 500 years in just 100 years.

5. There will be panic for food

What will happen after death? What will happen after immortality? We did not look at this point while looking for answers to these questions. Man needs to eat to be alive. He can do anything to eat this. If a man becomes immortal, there will be a severe lack of food in the world.

A person will also be ready to kill another person to eat. For this reason, an atmosphere of unrest and quarrel will be created around the world. Apart from this, this is a new aspect of what happens when you die.

6. Earth will be shaken by war, violence, and crimes

What will happen after immortality? You can also directly answer war. What else can you expect in the era of tomorrow? There will be a fierce war within countries for land, food, and other needs. Developed countries will show dominance over developing and underdeveloped countries. A fire of violence will spread everywhere. Robbery and robbery will become a common practice in homes.

7. Every person will be yearned to die

Now you will say what are you saying? Who needs to die! But listen this is the truth. What should happen after immortality? It is also included in the list. Human beings can develop technology to an extent. Beyond that, it is God’s will.

Due to the lack of every asset, a person will prick his immortality like a nail. People will start thinking about various ways of dying. The desire to make oneself happy will be awakened in everyone’s mind. Sea of ​​sorrow will be in its ebb in the world. The river of sorrow will flow in our hearts every day.

So what will happen after friends’ immortality? You must have got the answer from the article given above. But wait, is immortality possible? We did not even know this. So let’s have a look at that too.

Is Immortality Possible?

I knowingly what will happen after immortality? Answer this question first in front of you. I had only one objective to do this, let me tell you how dangerous it is to become immortal. Well, here we will talk about whether immortality is possible or not.

By the way, research on this immortality has been going on long back. But so far no exact confirmation of immortality has been confirmed by scientists. Friends, but there is nothing to be disappointed with. I will give you information about some facts that will definitely blow your senses. Do not worry! Was a joke So, let’s know what will happen after death? Let’s proceed to this article based on

In terms of science, humans can be made immortal through the mediums given below. So, what is that medium? Let’s know

1. Cryo-Preservation: –

What will happen after this immortality? Like it makes it possible to ask questions. Cryo-preservation is the ability to answer what will happen to you even after you die. You must have heard about Nitrogen. It is also called the Laughing Gas. Nitrogen has been used for a long time to store any item in a cold environment for a long time.

Any biological body stored and kept in Nitrogen is called Cryo-Preservation. In this, the body is cooled down to -95C. In today’s time, scientists can only store our brains in this way. But what will happen in the future, will not be known from now on. So maybe in the future, this technique can make us immortal.

2. Anti-Aging

You must have seen the advertisement for tips for being blonde or young on T.V. All these things show you the greed of Anti-Aging. But the reality is quite the opposite. What will happen to you after becoming immortal? It can only tell you Anti-Aging.

In simple language, scientists have started doing research on it since 1950. According to their research, if the blood of a young creature is poured into the blood of a Buddha creature, then the Buddha may become young. This process is called Parabiosis. By the way, according to the time, there is no such thing that can make you completely young. But still, no one can tell what will happen in the future.

But if you want to know more about immortality then you can read this article of ours, this article is interesting and informative which you will definitely like

So, I hope from the above article what will happen after immortality? And is it possible that you have got complete information on it?

In Conclusion

Friends! If I am asked what happens after death? I might not be able to answer it correctly without reading any book. Because this subject is so complicated. But still, I urge you all to tell me what you think about it.

Now comes the issue of immortality. If anyone asks me if you would like to be immortal? So my answer will be no! See, friends, maybe you will all like to be immortal. But not me God has given all of us a set time to do the right thing on this earth. If we do not do the right thing at this time, I do not think that we will be able to do it in the future.

So what will happen after immortality? In answer to this question, I will only demand to be deathly. I hope what happens after you die? Hope You Would have liked this article based on this.

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