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8 Amazing Things to do in Paris in 2021

If you are asked the names of 10 places in the world, where you dream of visiting, then Paris will definitely be one of them. This is not us, it says Forbes. Forbes ranked Paris third among the top ten most visited cities in the world. Every lover added that once in life, he should tell some happy moments under the Eiffel Tower.

A city that thrills art lovers from all over the world. Where every artist of the world comes to feel complete. If you want to go to Paris then definitely go to these places because without seeing these places, your vision of Paris, the capital of France, is going to remain incomplete-

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Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the hallmark of Paris city and this European country. Without this, it would be impossible to imagine Paris. This historical tower was built to commemorate the celebration of 100 years of the French Revolution. At that time no one knew that the world is going to like this boar made of steel so much.

When it was built, many people opposed it, calling it a blot on the beauty of Paris. It is named after its designer Gustav Eiffel – Eiffel Tower. Built-in 1889, the 324-meter-high structure is placed among the most visited monuments. The work of making it was started on 28 January 1887.

More than 7 million people visit this monument every year. This is located in the Champ de Mars area of ​​Paris. This tower is made of pitched iron. The 7300-ton iron Eiffel tower was planned to be demolished 20 years after construction, but it was so well-liked that it finally gained the status of a permanent Parisian building.

You must visit this building after sunset because twenty thousand bulbs have been put in it. And they are lit for 5 minutes every hour, then the beauty of this building is seen. In the future, there is a plan to cover this building with greenery so that it looks like a huge tree.

Notre Dame Cathedral

The other major attraction of Paris is the Notredum Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, a traditional medieval Catholic cathedral. Its construction started around 1163 AD and was completed in 1345. This unique specimen of the French Gothic Architect is 69 meters high. To reach its tower, tourists have to climb 387 steps.

From where the bird’s eye view of the entire Paris is visible. Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned in this cathedral. This church is also famous for its huge hours. The hour named Emmanuel here is more than thirteen tons.

Louvre Museum

things to do in Paris

You have seen many museums, but the subject of the Louvre is unique. This museum, which has the status of the largest museum in the world, will surprise you. Tourists come from all over the world to see this museum. It bears another record that it is the most visited museum in the world. In Paris, it is situated on the right bank of the Seine River. Before the museum was built, it used to be the palace of the royal family of France.

Spread over an area of ​​2 lakh 10 thousand square meters, this huge museum has 60 thousand 600 galleries. It is impossible to see it in a day or two. Actually, apart from being a royal palace, there is also a fort. That was built in the 12th century under the supervision of Henry II.

The remains of the fort can still be seen in the palaces of the palace. You will get to see Leonardo de Vinci’s famous masterpiece Monalisa right here. If you want to see this whole museum, then you will have to spend months in Paris. These are the eight sections of the museum:

  • Egyptian Antiquities
  • Royal antiquity Greek,
  • Etruscan and Roman galleries
  • Islamic art
  • Statues of the Middle Ages, galleries related to the Renaissance and modern times
  • Artistic object
  • Picture
  • Fine arts

Disneyland Paris

If you are on a trip to Paris with the whole family. And your children are taken away by romantic photography at the Eiffel Tower, and historical excursions to the Louvre, then they can be taken to Disneyland in Paris to make them happy. This theme park divided into 5 parts will make your child happy. Spread over 4800 acres, this park was started by the Walt Disney Company in 1992.

Initially, it was made keeping in mind the local needs, but it was developed keeping in mind the increasing interest of the tourists. A variety of swings, rides, laser shows, and a parade of cartoon characters will prove to be a completely new experience for your children. There are five parts of this theme park.

  • Fantasy land
  • Adventure land
  • The main street the USA
  • Frontier land
  • Discovery land

Apart from this, you will also see the popular Disney characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Snoite and Seven Doughs, Swings, and Walt Disney Studios.

Arch of Triumph Paris

things to do in Paris

There is an Arch of Triumph War Memorial in Paris, just like India Gate is in Delhi. The Arc of Triumph is built in memory of the soldiers killed in the French Revolution and the Wars of France. The names of some of these brave soldiers have also been engraved on this memorial.

It was designed by Calgreen and was built in 1806. Another interesting thing is associated with this is that the place where it was built, there was the tomb of a previously unknown soldier who lost his life while fighting for the country in the First World War.

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Sainte Chapelle Church Paris

If you travel to France then the churches here are going to be the subject of our attraction for you. Prominent among these attractive churches is St. Chapel Church. This medieval church was built in the 13th century. Like other churches in France, its construction style is also Gothic. St Chapel is famous all over the world for its glass painting on the roof.

Les Invalides

things to do in Paris

With its strange name, this tourist destination boasts some of the finest wonders inside it. People who are interested in Saina and war. They must come to this place once. This group of buildings boasts the military history of France within itself.

In other words, it is the war museum of France. This is built-in the 17th century. This building was built by Louis 14th as a hospital and shelter. Where wounded soldiers were treated and the families of the dead soldiers used to get shelter. The tomb of many soldiers can also be seen here.

Concorde Square Paris

History will always remember Paris for her state revolution. In the light of such a revolution, in which democracy has established its roots in almost the whole world today. The revolution ended the monarchy in France and sowed the seeds of democracy. The Concord Square in Paris is the place where Louis XVI’s family was decorated. Here people come to feel the freedom that was born here first. Also, visit amazing places in Switzerland.

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