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Joe Biden Biography: Early Life | Family | Political Life

The counting of votes in the US presidential election ended on the fourth day i.e. 8 November 2020. A tough fight ensued between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Joe Biden became the new president of the United States with a gain of 50.6 percent of the electoral votes. outperforming Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. in this article you are going to read joe Biden biography.

He becoming the US President is very important for India. Joe Biden’s deputy at White House will be Kamala Harris. America’s presidential election is very important for India. India’s relations with China over tensions in the Ladakh border are not ended yet right.

In such a situation, it will not be right for the new president to come to America or bad to take this decision because it is getting both kinds of responses. So let’s know who Biden is? How will the new president of America prove for India?

America’s wait for a new president is over now. Joe Biden has become the new president of the US after gaining an edge over Donald Trump in major battlegrounds in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Arizona. Donald Trump has threatened more lawsuits on Biden during the Vote count. Joe Biden garnered 290 electoral college votes (7,48,61,262 total votes), while 270 votes were needed to win, while Donald Trump received a total of 214 electoral votes (7,06,00,513 votes).

Biden became the new president of the United States, gaining more votes than the majority figure. Now Joe Biden will take the oath of office in America.

Who Is Joe Biden – Joe Biden biography

joe biden biography

Joe Biden’s full name is Joseph Joe Biden, Biden is 77 years old. He was born in November 1942, when the ‘Quit India Movement’ was going on in India. Joe Biden has been a former vice president of Barack Obama and the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential race.

Biden is a graduate of Syracuse University College of Law, passing the Delaware Bar exam a year after graduating. He practised heavily for the county council. While in the US Senate, Biden served on the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Foreign Relations, building a significant experience in matters of law and national security.

Joe Biden Biography


Joseph Joe Biden






Beu and Hunter


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15 million

Joe Biden’s first wife Nelia daughter Naomi died in a 1972 car accident. They have two sons, Hunter and Beau. Democratic Rising Star Beau died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46. Joe Biden married Jill Jacobs five years later in 1977.

Net Worth of Joe Biden

Speaking of the total assets of US President Joe Biden, according to the financial documents released in 2019, Biden and his wife have a total earning of more than US $ 15 million.

Experience of Joe Biden

If Biden wins the election on 3 November 78, he will become the oldest president to take office. Biden is a veteran, with Biden serving for six terms in the US Senate and two terms as Vice President. In the midst of the global crisis, Biden is looking to leverage his government experience against a shortfall in service before President Trump takes office. To add to his appeal, Biden also has eight years of Obama policy experience, while his involvement with the Affordable Care Act makes him stand out during a healthcare crisis.

Biden worried about Corona

The former vice president lost his first wife and a daughter in a car accident in 1972, and another son in 2015 in brain cancer. He often cited them as a reason for public, affordable health care as ‘personal’. Biden is a supporter of the Obama-era Affordable Care Act.

One that prioritizes affordable access – as does Medicare for All – which aims to ensure total coverage – a move that has wary supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders and former vice president of Sen. Elizabeth Warrier. At the time of the election, Biden has made several suggestions to deal with the coronovirus crisis, including making COVID-19 tests independent and easily accessible. He advocated making future vaccines as cheap as possible and, ideally, patients would be vaccinated for free.

Biden good or bad for India?

India is divided into two opinions about Biden, one faction considers Biden right and the other wrong. According to Biden’s statements, he is dissatisfied with India due to Jammu Kashmir and NRC-CAA. But Biden’s view of foreign policy at the international level is completely different. Being a visionary leader, Biden sees international issues very deeply, he does not interfere in the internal policy of a country. While Trump has been with India, it has hurt India many times. In such a situation, Biden believes in making a decision very thoughtfully.

India-America relationship: Expectation from Biden

Trump’s term did not prove to be very profitable for India. Higher tariffs on Indian products, withholding of H-1B visas and Trump’s statements on the Kashmir issue have hurt India considerably. While Biden thinks very differently from Trump, he understands foreign policy much better. In such a situation, Biden can improve Indo-US relations.

He understands foreign policy much better. In such a situation, Biden can improve Indo-US relations. But India should not expect too much from Biden, because Biden will not change US policies regarding India. But according to Biden’s earlier statements, he considers Indo-US relations to be very important.

He considers India as a ‘natural partner’ for America. Indo-US relations improved during Obama’s time, so it can be expected that India-US relations will be fine during Biden’s tenure.

Biden’s 50-year journey – Joe Biden biography

Fans of the American version of ‘The Office’ remember his hometown, Scranton, well. Biden grew up in the Green Ridge neighborhood there. Today his staged personality you would not guess that he was a very courageous boy. For the 2008 story, his childhood friend Jim Kennedy told The Associated Press, “You couldn’t dare him to do anything, because the problem was that he wouldn’t do it.” His boyhood escapes included climbing a hot coal heap and running under heavy machinery. Kennedy said, “I never saw anyone bleed.

Biden was tougher in other ways. He stuttered badly. A teacher at his school coined the name “BI Black Blackbird” to make fun of him. Biden braved the insult bravely until he taught himself to speak without stuttering, and shone as a public speaker.

There was something else that young Biden had learned in Scranton – politics. In his memoir, ‘Promise to Keep’, he says that he was in politics at the kitchen table of his “staunch Democratic” grandfather.

Joe Biden’s Father and mother

His father’s job gave Biden a job at age 10, away from Scranton. He quickly took root in his new home, Delaware. He blossomed as a leader, became an expert on policy matters, was elected to the Senate six times and made his way to Washington DC with Barack Obama. Some of it was his own grit, the rest was handed over by his parents.

His mother, Jean, quickly dominated the Irish well-meaning – teaching him how to wear the nuts and bolts for the cuff links of school dances without embarrassment, and that others should like him too.

Biden says that he “learned life” after seeing his father, gets up every morning, and goes to a job he never likes. The elder Joseph Biden taught him: “The art of living is just getting up after knocking on you.

Biden knocked in 1972, the year he entered the US Senate at the age of 29, becoming the fifth-youngest US senator in history. Before he could take his seat in Washington, his wife Neilia and infant daughter Naomi were killed in a road accident while on their way to pick up the Christmas tree. His sons Bue and Hunter were seriously injured.

For some time, Biden lost all ambition. He later said that for the first time in life, I understood how a person could deliberately decide to commit suicide. But Biden “got up,” as his father had taught him, and departed. By day he was a senator, a loving father by night for his boys. This was not the final blow. In 1988, he suffered two fatal aneurysms and his facial muscles were paralyzed for a while.

Death of Joe Biden’s son

In 2015, Beau died of brain cancer. Hunter struggled with drug addiction and was discharged from the US Navy for using cocaine.

He is never a personally known person, “Biden’s longtime friend Ted Kaufman told AP.” And he is the luckiest person I have ever known personally. When Bue died, Biden was in his second term as US Vice President.

A Politico article from the time states, “Biden can sit in the Oval Office every morning, and often does, but believers say he has begun to accept that he will probably never be on the other side of the desk.” In October 2015, she dropped out of the 2016 presidential race, citing her family’s grief over the loss of Beau.

The presidency was Biden’s lifelong dream

He seriously considered a bid in 1980, signed the papers, but did not submit them in 1984, throwing his hat into the ring in 1988, only to be stumped by a literary scandal. He tried again in 2008 and surprised everyone by being elected Barack Obama’s running mate.

When he stepped back in 2015, pundits wrote his articles. “Uncle Joe” already seemed too old to bid. Nobody thought he would return after four years. But here it is. He may have regained the answers to two questions he asked his friend John Martilla to stop running in 1980 – why are you running for president, and what will you do when you’re president?

This is all about Joe Biden biography. Thanks for reading the article. don’t forget to check other articles.


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