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Itchy skin symptoms, causes, home remedies, medicines

Itchy skin is a simple disease, but the truth is that whenever a person suffers from this disease, that person gets irritated by itching the skin. There can be many reasons for itching. Sometimes itching can also be a symptom of many diseases. Are you also bothered by itching and looking for a cure for itching?

According to Ayurveda, all diseases are caused by an imbalance of Musculoskeletal, Bile, and Phlegm, and itching is due to Musculoskeletal and Phlegm. Here are very effective home remedies to cure itching. You can get rid of itching by trying these remedies. Let us know what you have to do to treat the itching.

What is Itching?

Sometimes itching occurs due to allergies on the skin. In this situation, the only desire is to be scratched. It can also be called a type of dermatitis. Itching can occur in any part of the body, and the entire body, or even in different parts of the body. The problem of itching is more commonly seen in dry skin. Apart from this, it can also happen in pregnancy.

Itchy skin Types

  • Non-itchy rash – This can be caused by dust, soil, pollution, warm clothing, prolonged exposure to the sun, or an internal problem.
  • Itchy rash – It is mostly due to some type of infection.

What are the causes of itchy skin?

  • Itching may occur due to exposure to air pollution and dust and soil.
  • Some people are allergic to certain types of food. In such a situation, if those people eat such food, then itching may occur.
  • Itching may occur due to a side-effect of medication.
  • Dry skin is also a major cause of itching.
  • Itching is also caused by the use of chemical-rich beauty products.
  • The use of chemical dyed hair dye or hair color can also cause itching.
  • Due to change in weather.
  • Bite of some kind of insect.
  • Skin moisture dries up in cold weather. This can cause itching problems.
  • If there is not enough fat in the diet, there may be a problem of itching in the skin.
  • The problem of itching is more common in smokers. The nicotine in it damages the body.
  • Indoor heating in the winter causes room moisture to dissipate, and the skin becomes dry. It causes itching.
  • Excess use of perfume on the skin also causes itching.
  • Using harsh detergent soaps for the skin.
  • Stay in the sun for a long time.
  • The presence of lice on the body or other parts.
  • If it is kidney disease, iron deficiency, or a thyroid problem, itching may occur.
  • Thick clothes, extremely hot clothes, bathing with very hot water also occur.
  • Someone may also be particularly allergic to deeps, and it can cause itching.

Disease Due to Itchy Skin

  • Dermatitis – Skin inflammation problem.
  • Eczema – It is a serious skin disease. It causes itching and rash on the skin.
  • Psoriasis – It is an autoimmune disorder. This causes itching too.
  • Jaundice – Itching problem is also seen in it.
  • Thyroid – Itching problem is also seen in it. Itching is also caused by thyroid gland disorders.

Home Remedies for Itchy Skin

Ayurvedic treatment balances the problems of the body and calms the diseases. With this treatment, if the itching is relieved, then the person should also be avoided. Many home remedies can be tried for the treatment of scabies, which are:

Aloe vera

  • 20-25 milliliters on an empty stomach in the morning drinking aloe vera juice gives relief from all types of skin disorders and itching.
  • Remove the pulp of aloe vera and apply it to the skin, and after 15 minutes wash it with warm water.


Drink Giloy (Meaning in your language) juice in the morning and evening. It provides relief from itching and other skin disorders. This is a very beneficial solution.

Baking soda

Baking soda helps relieve itching of the skin. Mix one cup of baking soda in the bath water. Wash dry skin with it.

Coconut Oil

Applying coconut oil on the skin keeps the skin moisture for a long time. It gives comfort. You have to do this remedy again and again.

Oatmeal Powder

Make a paste by mixing oatmeal powder in water. Apply on dry skin daily. It helps in relieving itching.

Mango Tree

25g Mango tree bark and 25g Boil the bark of acacia tree in one liter of water. Steam on the itchy area with this water. After this, apply ghee to this place. Take these home remedies to get relief from it.


Apply the sulfur paste to the itchy area. Itching is relieved by the application of sulfur. You can consult an Ayurvedic doctor for more information.


Grind 5-6 basil leaves and mix in coconut oil and massage the dry skin. It proves beneficial.

Diet for itchy skin

Those who have problems with itching, they should keep their food and drink like this: –

Banana intake is beneficial in itching

It is rich in potassium. Along with this, bananas also contain nutrients, magnesium, and vitamin C, which reduce the amount of histamine. It provides relief in itching.

Benefit from flaxseed, pumpkin, sesame or sunflower seeds

Linseed, pumpkin, sesame, or sunflower seeds contain essential fatty acids. These fatty acids help in reducing the itching of the skin.

Vegetable and fruit intake

Eat green vegetables and fruits.

Lifestyle for Itching Problem

To prevent itching, your lifestyle should be like this:

  • Cover the skin in pollution and dust and soil.
  • Use sunscreen before going out in the sun.
  • Take special care of cleanliness, bathe daily.

Avoid this in Itching Problem

  • Do not consume junk food and stale food at all. This causes defects in the body. This worsens the balance of Musculoskeletal, Bile, and Phlegm.
  • Avoid extremes temperature or extreme cold.

When to Contact Doctor in Itching?

In general, itching that occurs due to dust, dirt, pollution, or wearing woolen clothes, is cured on its own after a while, or on home remedies within a day or two. If the itching persists for more than two-three days, the skin becomes red on itching, or if the itching and rash appear on the skin, then medical advice should be sought for treatment immediately.

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