immunity definition

immunity definition


Immunity Definition | 5 Effective Ways to Increase Immunity

Immunity power is a very important thing for all people. Doctors also advise people to maintain or increase it, but the question comes into people’s minds, that what is immunity definition and how they can increase their immunity.

For this reason, they have to face the problems of changing the weather, getting a new disease, illness of another person in the family, etc.
The question must have come to your mind at this point, after all, what is immunity definition and why is immunity so important and can it be increased.

You do not have to worry too much about such questions because by reading this article you will get the answers to what is immunity definition and questions related to immunity power.
So let’s start this article by not wasting time.


What is Immunity Definition

The immune system consists of organs, cells, tissues, and proteins, etc.
All these elements together help the human body to function properly.
In addition, the immune system helps the human body to fight against diseases, infections, viruses, etc.

Thus, immunity is the power to fight against diseases, which helps a person to stay healthy.

Immunity Types

Our immune system is divided into two parts – active and passive i.e active and passive immunity. The difference between the two depends on how it works in preventing viruses or bacteria after making antibodies in the body.

Apart from this, it also depends on how long the antibody protects the body from any disease. The point to note is that both these immunities play an important role in the protection against COVID 19.

1. Active immunity

According to the CDC, active immunity definition develops when the body moves the immune system to produce antibodies to fight disease.

This can happen in two ways, first through infection of a disease called natural immunity. Secondly through vaccination (which works to make antibodies in the body). It can also be called vaccine immunity.

Active immunity does not come into the body immediately. It may take several weeks to develop. This is the reason why most doctors recommend getting the vaccination done before the flu season starts.

However, further research needs to be done on the role of immunity to avoid COVID 19. Many types of questions have been raised on immunity made from vaccines, while researchers are now also monitoring the immunity of patients who are recovering from the corona.

2. Passive immunity

Whereas in active immunity the body produces antibodies to the disease through its immune system, in passive immunity, a person is given antibodies directly.

It is given in the uterus or through a blood product containing antibodies, such as immunoglobulin, which is used to protect the body immediately from a particular disease. For example, in the event of not applying the Hepatitis A vaccine, the patient may be given immunoglobulin.

The major advantage of passive immunity is that it provides immediate protection. But passive immunity does not last long in the body. According to the CDC, it loses its effect within a few weeks and months.

Why immunity is important

As explained above, it is very important for all people to have better immunity as it mainly protects them.

1. Staying healthy

The main reason for getting immunity right is staying healthy. The person whose immunity is better is more healthy.

2. Being mentally strong

immunity affects the body as well as the brain. It helps her to remain mentally strong, which reduces her chances of developing mental illness.

3. Maintaining physical strength

immunity helps a person to remain physically strong.
On the one hand, a person with weak immunity feels weak, on the other hand, a person with strong immunity does not have such a problem, but rather maintains physical strength.

4. Keeping the future generations safe

Often, the problem of weak disease-resistance continues to go on for generations, due to which this problem can be seen in the coming generations as well. For this reason, it is necessary to make it strong, so that the coming generation can be healthy.


5. Protecting the family from serious diseases

Weak immunity does not only affect future generations but also the health of the existing family members.

Thus, all people should try to maintain their immunity so that their family members do not get any kind of disease.

Symptoms Of Weak Immune System

It is worrying for any person to have poor immunity. Weak immunity power, like any other problem, has some symptoms that a person should not ignore. Thus, if a person sees the following symptoms in his body, he should seek medical help immediately as these can be signs of weak immunity power

1. Feeling stressed

The main symptom of weak immunity is the feeling of stress because it affects the body as well as the mental health of the person. Thus, if a person suddenly feels symptoms like not engaging in any work, not meeting people, etc., he should immediately meet a psychologist and check his health so that stress can be treated in time.

2. Feels a lot of cold

If a person feels a lot of cold then he should not ignore it as it can be a symptom of law immunity power.

3. Stomach problems

If a person has stomach problems such as diarrhea, constipation, gas, etc., he may have to seek medical help as it can be a symptom of weak immunity.

4. Time to heal injury

All people continue to suffer injury, which is cured on its own after some time. However, if a person’s injury is not cured for a long time, he should inform his doctor as such may be a sign of poor immunity.


5. Infection

Another symptom of weak immunity is infection. In such a situation, the infected people should seek the advice of the doctor so that they can get rid of the infection.

6. Feeling of weakness

Feeling of weakness – Another symptom of low immunity power is a feeling of weakness. Although people consider weakness to be a common problem, their thinking can make them sick.

Causes For The Weak Immune System

However, what is immunity definition, and the exact cause of poor immunity has not been ascertained. Despite this, it is clear from the studies done on it that weak immunity can be mainly due to these 5 reasons

1. Eating Unhealthy Food

The main reason for weak immunity is eating unhealthy food.
Since our food has an effect on our health, it can lead to problems such as weak immunity if not eating properly.

2. Substance Abuse

If a person consumes a high amount of narcotics, then he is more likely to have weak immunity. People can have diseases like cancer.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep- The possibility of having weak disease-resistance is more in those who do not get enough sleep.

4. Excess of weight

Another reason for weak immunity is excess weight. Such people should take special care of their health so that they do not have the problem of low immunity power.

5. No exercise

If a person does not exercise, then he is much more likely to have weak immunity.


Risks Of A Weak Immune System

Weak immunity power can prove to be very dangerous for anyone.
It can also make him a victim of the following risks along with becoming a disease.

1. Infection

The main risk of poor immunity is infection. The person who has law inequality power increases the chances of getting any other infection.

2. Having autoimmune disorder

Another risk of poor immunity is of autoimmune disorder. When a disease affects the healthy cells of the body, it is called autoimmune disorders.

3. Failure of body parts-

If the immune system is not weakened, it can affect other parts of the body like the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. These organs can become defective due to low immunity power, which may require medical help.

4. Slow development of body and mind

Slow development of body and mind- Often, you have seen people whose brain development is not done properly. This is mainly due to weak immunity.

5. Increased risk of cancer

Usually, weak disease- immunity can also cause serious diseases. Thus, law immunity power may increase the risk of cancer.

How to increase immunity?

However, weak immunity can prove fatal to people along with making them disease. Despite this, the point of relief is that Immunity Power, like any other problem, can also be enhanced, and protected from its risks.
For this reason, if a person follows these 5 things, then he can increase or improve the anti-disease ability-

1. Eating nutritious food

As explained above, the main reason for weak immunity is to eat unhealthy food. Thus, to increase it, people should eat nutritious food which is full of vitamins, calcium, iron, etc.

2. Exercise every day

Since low immunity power is from physical weakness, it can prove to be beneficial in removing it. For this reason, if a person exercises daily, he can improve immunity.

3. Getting enough sleep

Some health problems are the result of not getting enough sleep.
They also include poor immunity, which can lead to other serious diseases.
For this reason, it becomes necessary for a person to get plenty of sleep (6-8 hours) to increase it.

4. Not consuming drugs

As explained above, law immunity power also comes from consuming drugs. For this reason, people should not consume them so that their health does not deteriorate and they can stay healthy.

5. Maintaining a balanced weight

Since being overweight can cause a lot of diseases including weak immunity. Therefore, people should try to maintain their weight balanced weight so that they do not get any disease.

At the present time, a number of diseases are spreading, including coronaviruses.
We all see the news of coronavirus infected people every day on TV, which the central government including the state governments are taking every possible step to reduce it.
If you pay attention to measures to avoid coronavirus, the most important among them is to increase immunity so that the virus can be avoided.

Due to a lack of knowledge of measures to increase immunity power in people, they do not improve it.
Thus, we hope that after reading this article they will be able to increase their immunity power.

FAQ’S How to increase immunity

Q1. How can weaken immunity and immunity definition?
Ans. Weak immunity can be increased mainly by making changes in food, exercise, taking care of cleanliness, etc.

Q2. What are the symptoms of low immunity power and immunity definition?
If a person has any symptoms related to health problems, swelling of internal organs, genetic causes, etc., then he should check his health as these may be signs of low immunity power.

Q3. What to eat to increase immunity?
Consuming citrus fruits, broccoli, ginger, garlic, etc. can prove beneficial in increasing immunity.

Q4. What home remedies can be adopted to increase immunity?
Home remedies can also be helpful in increasing immunity.
Drinking lemonade, consuming honey, exercising, spending some time in the sun, etc. is beneficial.

Q5. What are the causes of poor immunity
Weak immunity can be mainly due to the consumption of drugs, consuming unhealthy food, suffering from some disease, weak white cells, etc.

Q6. What are the reasons for a person becoming ill?
If a person does not get enough sleep, does not exercise, does not eat nutritious food, then the chances of getting sick are very high.

Q7. How can immunity be balanced?
Disease-resistance can be balanced. For this, consuming more vegetables and fruits, washing hands thoroughly, vaccinating, smoking, non-alcohol consumption, etc. can be done.


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