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16 Easy Ways To Lose Weight At Home

Losing weight is not as difficult as it seems. You can also reduce your weight if you change your habit a little bit. If you are aiming to lose weight at home, then it is not necessary to maintain your weight for a long time just by taking the right diet or exercising. To keep the balance of body weight always, you will need to make a lot of changes in your habits and lifestyle.

A study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2019 suggests that by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you can keep away the problem of weight gain and obesity.

Let us first know why the weight increases.

10 Major Causes Of Obesity

1. Unhealthy Diet

The main reason for increasing weight is our food. If the amount of calories in our food is more then the chances of Obesity increase. Eating more fried-food, fast-food, ghee, cold-drink, etc. creates more calories than necessary in the body, which we cannot burn without extra effort and the result is reflected in our increased weight. If you keep information about how many calories your body needs every day and consume as much then your weight will not increase.

2. Being inactive

If your routine is such that you do not have to move your hands and feet, then your weight gain is almost certain. Especially those who stay at home or work only by sitting in the chair all day should deliberately involve some physical activity in their daily life.

Like if you use stairs instead of a lift, play a game of your interest, such as badminton, table-tennis, etc. If you can afford a treadmill or a gym cycle and use it regularly then it will be quite beneficial. By the way, the cheapest and simplest solution is to get in the habit of walking every day.

3. Genetic reason

If the weight of one of your parents is too much, then your chances of obesity also increase. Apart from this, the effect of genetics affects how much hunger you have, how far and muscle is there in your body. It also affects a person’s metabolic rate and how many calories his body burns when it is inactive.

4. Age

Weight gain with age is a natural process, it is because as age increases our muscles become converted into fat. The risk of diabetes and hypertension increases due to a mere increase in fat. With aging, our metabolism also decreases, due to which the possibility of weight gain in women increases.

5. Gender

Whether you are a man or a woman also affects your weight. Usually, women use fewer calories than men, so they are more likely to gain weight. The amount of fat in the body of women is more than that of men. A healthy woman of normal weight has 25% fat content in her body whereas in a similar man it is only 15%.

6. Psychological reasons

Sometimes weight gain is psychological. Emotional problems, or depression, cause a person to overeat and drink, which leads to weight gain.

7. Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is a normal process. Usually, a woman’s weight increases by 5 to 10 kg, which is necessary to deliver baby cup nutrition.

8. Medicines

Certain types of medicines can increase your weight. Such as antidepressants or corticosteroids. Eating birth control pills can also increase weight up to two and a half kilos.

9. Sickness

Weight can increase in illness as well. Because during this time human activities are very less, and body fat can increase.

10. On quitting smoking

After quitting drinking cigarettes, a person can gain up to 3-4 kg of weight. But the benefits of quitting smoking are more than that, so it is better to quit it.

Effective Ways To Lose Weight

Losing weight is not as difficult as it seems. You can also reduce your weight if you change your habit a little bit.

how to lose weight at home

Think about how you can eat anything you like and do not gain weight! Although it is like a dream, if a little change is made in the diet, then it can also be possible. If seen, almost everyone should take measures to reduce obesity. Especially you will see many ways to lose weight on the internet, but using them without any accurate proof can be risky. In such a situation, along with scientific evidence, Stellcrease is going to tell home remedies and weight exercises to reduce obesity.

1. The makeover of the kitchen

You must be thinking why do this? To lose weight at home, first of all, you need to pay attention to the kitchen. Replace the junk food in your kitchen and in the fridge with a healthy diet first. However, it is not as easy as it looks, but it is not impossible. Replace everything like chips, chocolate, cold drinks with a healthy diet like green vegetables, juices, and fruits. A healthy diet plays an important role in fat loss.

2. Fenugreek water in the morning

You must have heard the mixture of honey and lemon in hot water many times in the solution to reduce fat. But there is no need to drink it every day, you can also take it with fenugreek water. For this, soak two spoons of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. Then in the morning separate the fenugreek seeds and drink the water.

Fenugreek seeds promote metabolism and keep you active throughout the day. While water helps to flush out the toxins from your body. Not only this, but fenugreek also has anti-obese properties. Talking about Ayurvedic remedies to reduce fat, do not forget the fenugreek rash.

3. Green tea

There is no doubt that the benefits of green tea are many. One of those benefits is weight loss. Talking about ways to lose weight at home, green tea is an easy remedy. Sometimes, many types of health problems also occur due to obesity, including heart disease. In this case, EGCG (an antioxidant) present in green tea can prevent diseases. Apart from this, the caffeine and catechin present in it can work to increase energy in the body.

4. Balanced diet

People tend to eat less when they want to lose weight. Always eat a balanced diet, not more or less. Include protein, healthy fat, green vegetables, fruits in your diet. Do not eat too much at once, try eating on small plates. If possible, make a diet chart from a nutritionist and choose food based on it.

If you want to lose weight fast, take special care of your diet, but it is not that you have to stop eating, just you have to eat a balanced diet. Always remember that food matters a lot in the way of weight loss.

5. Chew slowly and eat

You may have heard many elders saying that food should be chewed rather than in a hurry. Nowadays people do not chew properly while eating food in a hurry. Many times people start drinking water along with food, which is not right.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight at home is by chewing the food slowly. Not chewing food properly does not only cause stomach problems but can also increase weight. So chew food slowly and eat it slowly. This will not only improve digestion power but will also reduce the risk of weight gain.

6. Consume fruits, vegetables, and grains

Include healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and grains in the diet. This will not only keep you healthy but also reduce the risk of diseases and your weight will also be balanced. For weight loss, 1,200–1,500 calories per day is sufficient for women, while 1,500–1,800 calories are sufficient for women and men who exercise.

7. Protein with food

You may be surprised to know that protein is also included in the way to lose weight at home. Keep in mind, you must include a protein-rich diet in your three meals. You can avoid the risk of obesity by eating protein-rich foods. Include beans, eggs, fish, lentils, eggs, as they are good sources of protein, apart from this you can also consume yogurt. However, consume a limited amount of protein as well.

8. Stay away from packaged or soda drinks

Stay away from soft drinks or soda-containing beverages as much as possible. Many people look at the calories in the pack or raise their hands towards a diet drink and think that it is less harmful but it is not so. There is no evidence of how accurate the amount of material written in the box will be.

9. Keep yourself hydrate

how to lose weight at home

You must have heard the saying that ‘water is life’ and it is also true. Water is very important to keep the body healthy and it is also effective in lose weight at-home measures. Water will not only keep you hydrated but if you drink water shortly before eating, it will also reduce your hunger so that you will not eat too much at once, and in this way, you can also avoid the problem of obesity.

10. Stay away from junk food

Before you ask yourself this question how to lose weight at home, also pay attention to your diet. Outside fried – someone’s habit has become someone’s helplessness. Junk food enhances the taste for a while but it also increases weight. They have little to no nutrients, so stay away from them as much as possible as this may be the reason for your weight gain.

11. Full sleep

Sleep is essential for any person, if it does not, then many diseases surround the body and obesity is one of them. Sleep can also be an effective remedy if it is talked about as a way to reduce obesity. Many times, people are craving to eat due to lack of sleep and in this round, they eat and eat in the middle of the night, which increases the risk of increasing obesity. Therefore it is very important to complete sleep.

12. Drink Hot Water

If your metabolism slows down at night, it is very important to kick-start it correctly when you wake up in the morning. So drink one or two glasses of hot water. Ayurveda recommends adding lemon juice and honey to this water. You will feel light and refreshed after drinking two glasses of water in the morning.

13. Do Exercise

Stretch, go for a walk, do some yoga or light exercise for at least 20 minutes in the morning. If you cannot do all this, then you must do some kind of high-intensity exercise by knowing the gym.

This will not only boost your metabolism in the morning, but it will also help to start your day by increasing endorphins.

14. Take Sunbathe

Vitamin D is very important for the body. It promotes cognitive function and regulates mood. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D, so make sure to spend time in the morning sun for a few hours to complete vitamin D deficiency.

15. Take a Cold Bath

Bathing with absolutely cold water may not be soothing at times, but many studies have shown that it can activate frozen adipose tissue in the body, which in turn helps burn white fatty tissue. By taking a cold shower in the morning, you can lose weight at home and increase your metabolism.

16. Eat Good breakfast

For breakfast, eat a diet rich in protein and fiber, such as eggs, fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds. In addition, it is also recommended that you consume healthy carbohydrates, such as oats, multigrain bread, pestle, etc. Make breakfast heavy and have light meals throughout the day, as your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day.

Obesity brings many diseases

Obese people are always upset due to obesity. Eating fried, junk food causes weight gain. Due to obesity, people get many fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure. Let us know today what diseases people have to face due to obesity.

1. high blood pressure

High blood pressure is the problem when blood starts pressing towards the wall of the arteries of the heart. If this pressure falls for too long at the same time, it can cause many kinds of damage to the body. Obese people have a higher risk of hypertension.

2. Heart disease

Due to excess weight, the flow of blood in the body is not possible due to which the risk of heart attack increases. Obesity causes pressure on the heart muscle and spreads. This increases the risk of heart diseases.

3. Diabetes

Due to overeating, the amount of glucose in the body also reaches excessively, due to which diabetes occurs. Obesity is more common in obese people.

4. Cancer

Obese people are more likely to get cancer. Due to obesity, they are at risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and gall bladder cancer.

5. Effects on intestines

Being overweight has an effect on the intestines. Intestines are weakened due to the intake of weight gain items, which have to face the diseases related to them.

6. Joint pain

All the weight of obese people falls on the feet. Due to which they get tired quickly and complain of foot pain. Also, they have to face joint pain all the time. In such a situation, he is neither able to climb the stairs nor can he walk much further.

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