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8 Amazing Exercises to Improve Body Posture

If there is no awareness about body posture, then it starts deteriorating slowly. If the posture of the body is fine, then you are more fit. In this article, we are going to tell you some exercises to improve body posture. But before that let’s see why body posture is so important?

Why body posture is important

If there is no awareness about body posture, then it starts deteriorating slowly. If the posture of the body is fine, then you are more fit. Body posture also shows the fitness of the human body. If you are not fit, then your body posture is also not good. By keeping the body posture correct, there is less bone disease in the body. Problems like back pain, neck pain are more in those whose body posture is not correct.

  • Along with body fitness, stamina also depends on your body posture.
  • Better body posture enhances your personality.
  • It helps in maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance in your body.
  • Due to better body posture, the problem of muscle pain is reduced and energy remains in the body throughout the day.
  • In addition, better body posture reduces muscle tension, which can avoid injury or other problems.
  • For a healthy and feet body, it is very important to recover body posture.

What Causes Bad Body Posture?

Poor body posture can cause problems in your back and neck. So let’s know what causes our body posture to deteriorate.

  • Body postures are worsened by sitting in one place all day or working in the wrong position.
  • Increasing age, using pillows or useless mattresses.
  • If you are also complaining of back pain or stiff neck, then understand that it is due to bad body posture.
  • Body posture deteriorates due to incorrectly getting up and sitting

Exercises to improve body posture

Often people don’t walk straight. It occurs due to pain in the spine or in the back, but sometimes due to worsening of habit, people sit down or walk. Initially, this is not known, but later it becomes a cause of back and neck pain. We are telling you some exercises to improve body posture, that after regularization, the chest will be forward, the waist straight and the shoulders back and the habit of bending will be over.

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Planks are a great exercise to improve body posture. This exercise belly is great for the waist and shoulders. With the help of your elbows and toes, keep your body straight and lift your weight and keep the weight up for at least 30 seconds. You can do this for up to 90 seconds at the advanced level.


Lie on your back, move your hands behind your head and bend your legs from the knees. Also, you can twist the shoulders to the right shoulder and the left shoulder to the right. This causes the abdomen to stretch and the shoulders become stronger. Regular crunching will definitely keep your body posture right.

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Dumbbell side bend

Stand up straight. Now place one hand on the waist and hold the dumbbell in the other hand. Now, while moving the dumbbell down from the side, bend it, then do the same process by changing hands. This gives shape to your body and keeps the posture right.

Back extension

Lie on the ground on the stomach and keep the palms on the ground. Now keep the legs straight, raise from the back and try to rise from the same way, this will strengthen your back and you will be able to stand upright for a long time.

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Shoulder roll

If you sit down, you may complain of backache in future, for this you need to improve the seating posture, for this, the shoulder roll is better. Sitting upright makes the shoulders strong by rotating the clockwise and anti-clockwise.


how to improve body posture

Due to more tightness in the muscles, the body posture also gets worse, for this, you should do stretch exercises, for this, the Lunge is the better exercise. To do the Lunge, move the right leg forward, then bend the left leg while looking at the front and keeping the waist straight, after coming to this position, the right leg should be bent to 90 degrees.

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Seated Twist

how to improve body posture

There is no better exercise than a seated twist to correct the seating posture. To do this, sit upright and bring your hands to the front. Add the palms together and slowly turn to the right and left. After coming in the center, stop for a few seconds and then turn to the other side.

Reverse dumbbell fly

how to improve body posture

Reverse dumbbell fly strengthens your shoulders and the chest moves forward and body posture is fine. To do this, bending about 60 degrees in front, take dumbbells in both hands and lift them up together in the armpit.

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