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What is Baldness, Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment

Baldness or hair fall has started spreading in most of the people by moving above every age and class. Where people’s trend towards fashion is big, on the other hand, health-related diseases have also started spreading. In which baldness is also included. Hair fall was once considered a sign of old age but now it is becoming a major problem for the youth. Most of the people whether men and women, along with decreasing the strength of the hair on their head, the decline in the number of hair is also increasing day by day. So let’s know what is baldness?

What is baldness

When the hair of a person’s head starts breaking continuously in excessive amounts, or it starts falling in a certain form, it is called baldness. This disease is more common in men than in women. In women, it occurs for a short time after delivery. Whereas it has been seen in men that it is common to have baldness at the age of 50-60.

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Symptoms of baldness

Hair fall is common. The problem arises when the hair on your head starts falling more than usual. It is considered normal to fall about 50-80 hairs daily. Sometimes your hair falls while washing your hair, with a comb, and also when you dry your hair with a towel or jerky. But it cannot be called baldness. To find out the symptoms of baldness, read this-

  • Thinning of hair in the middle of the scalp, which gradually starts appearing all over the head.
  • Due to the increase of androgen hormones, thinning of the hair of the head and the hair appearing on the face become stronger and thicker.
  • gradual hair loss
  • round and spotty marks of baldness
  • full body hair loss

Baldness Causes

Baldness is also called Alopecia. Whereas nowadays both women and men want to look beautiful and smart in the fashion era. No matter how many nice and expensive clothes you wear, but the attraction comes from your hair. Hair plays an important role in the personality of any person. To keep it intact, people use shampoo and conditioner. Oils, gels, hair creams, head massagers available in the market remain good for some time, but all these products have side effects in the future for many people. Color dyes are also very popular among the youth these days. There are many other reasons for hair fall, let’s know

  • Sometimes it is also hereditary. If there has been a problem of baldness in someone’s family before, then you too have a lot of chances of getting it.
  • People with stress, depression, anxiety and worry are more likely to have it.
  • Many people’s hair starts falling even in fever and flu like typhoid.
  • In women, when there is irregularity in the period or due to hormonal imbalance, hair loss starts. Often many women also take contraceptive drugs, due to which hormonal imbalances lead to hair loss.
  • This problem is very common in women during and after pregnancy.
  • If there is a deficiency of Vitamin B in your body, then you may have baldness.
  • The hair of the victim of sugar or diabetes also starts falling.
  • Due to anemia, sometimes hair becomes a matter of your concern untimely.
  • Allergies and Medication Side Effects
  • Chemotherapy is done in the treatment of cancer, due to which the hair of the victim starts falling. But these are only for some time.
  • The hair is often weak due to malnutrition.

Prevention of Baldness

Hair fall is becoming a common problem. To prevent this, a variety of products and laser treatments are available in the market today. But we will tell you about those home remedies here. With which you can get back the lost color of hair sitting at home.

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Food Habits

First of all, you have to change your eating habits. If you like to eat spicy food, then leave them. Because of this, there will always be acidity in your stomach. Which increases and upsets your stomach. If you say in simple words, Pitta gives rise to the problem.

Mental Stress

Some people have a habit of getting upset over every little thing. Any disease starts with mental stress. So be as happy as you can be. Think that in any case, you will not bother yourself. You will not pay attention to the negative things around you. Take control of your mind and heart.

Work Out

Make exercise an essential part of your daily routine. Exercise not only makes you physically strong. Rather, the action of exercise also allows the blood cells running in the body to work smoothly again. Due to which not only the spirit of the body comes, but the immune system also increases. For this, you can also go for a morning walk.

Stay Away From Chemicals

In today’s era, where young men and women do not shy away from using new colors on their hair, the problem of hair fall or reduction is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, you should avoid coloring hair as soon as possible. Premature loss of hair is also becoming a common thing due to the lack of chemical elements in the shampoo and conditioner in the right measure. So stay away from using such products as much as possible.

Use Amla

Amla is very helpful in hair growth. Use Amla in food as much as possible. If you want to eat raw amla, you can eat it or use shampoo-containing amla. Prepare a paste by grinding finely Amla, Mulhati, and Sesame at home. Use it 2 times a week. You will find that gradually your hair will start growing.

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Mulheti paste

Mulhati is used in food. Many people like to make and drink Mulhti tea. If you do not like it, then you can apply it by making a paste where the number of hairs is decreasing. To make the paste, first of all, clean the Mulhti thoroughly. Mix some ghee and oil it in equal quantity. Make a paste by mixing it with saffron. Apply it twice a week. Gradually your hair will grow.

Onion Juice

Onions are eaten in every household. In this way, its juice can be made easily. To extract the juice, first of all, clean the onion well and cut it into small pieces. Then grind it finely. You can also use a mixer for this. Then take out the paste and filter it with a cloth. So that the juice comes out easily. Apply it 2-3 times a week. Massage the roots well. Wash the hair after 1 hour.

Other Option

Apart from this, there are other ways by which you can solve the problem of hair fall. Baldness is treated from Ayurveda to Homeopathy. In allopathy also it is possible to increase the growth of hair on the head with medicines. Apart from these, what are the other ways, let us also tell you.

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Hair Transplant

This is the most popular method of modern times, through which baldness is treated. In this, skin including hairs is taken from different parts of your skin where the number of hairs is more and they are transplanted on your head. . This process is lengthy and costly. Also, if it is not done properly, then infection can also fail. Therefore, it should be done only from a good transplant center.


People who are unable to get hair transplants done due to any reason. Wigs are a good option for them. These wigs are made professionally. These can also be changed according to your hair color and need. Many old hero-heroine have also established their own identity through their wigs.

These are some ways by which you can reduce the hair problem. Along with this, it becomes very important for everyone to pay attention to their food and drink. Eat more and more green vegetables. Take special care of your health. So that along with your hair, your health is also better. If you have any kind of confusion, then do not hesitate to consult a doctor and specialist first.

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