16 Bad Habits That Sometimes Actually Good For You

From childhood, we are taught that some habits are bad which should not be done and some habits are good which we should follow. But if we say that some bad habits also prove to be good for you? Yes, know about some such habits.

1. Watching TV

Even if you call it a fool box for its ripe and emotional programs, it can also prove beneficial for your brain. Watching TV not only updates your brain but also entertains you by reducing your stress. But what you want to see is the right decision.

2. Eating Fatty Food

Fatty food is considered very harmful in terms of health and obesity, but this fatty food can reduce your obesity and provide some other benefits as well. With the help of fatty food, the stomach remains full for a long time, which reduces your eating habits and quantity.

3. Sleeping

Sleeping more is considered a bad habit, but let us tell you that when you want to sleep for some time by turning off the alarm, it can be helpful to improve your memory power, functionality, and learning ability.

4. Listening to Music Loudly

Listening to music in loud voice can sometimes make you scold, but it plays a special role in keeping you happy. Music listening in intensity up to 90 decibels is helpful in releasing a special hormone from your brain which proves to keep you calm and happy.

5. Anger

habits bad

Although anger is not considered a good habit, sometimes anger is beneficial for you. In any case, if you are disturbed and are troubled inside, the sudden anger can erase your irritability, fear, or reluctance. At the same time, you feel lighter.

6. Wine

By placing wine in the category of alcohol, it is considered one of the bad habits. But let us know that the consumption of red wine is helpful in improving and improving your heart health.

7. Coffee

Excess consumption of coffee except in the morning is often wrong from a health point of view. But in research, it has been proved that drinking coffee reduces the risk of diabetes. And it is also effective in protecting you from stress.

8. Precocity

Call it a distraction or hurry, but it is not included in the good habits for you. Rather it is good to have peace and patience instead. But let us tell you that Precocity or distraction of any work or thing makes you nimble, as well as prolongs the age. Not only this, but this habit also has a big hand in staying fit.

9. Daydreaming

Daydreamers are not only more creative, but their production capacity has also been found more. In 2010, a British study published in ‘The Harvard Business Review’ claimed that a person is more likely to find a solution to a related problem if he takes a ten to 12-minute break and gets lost in the dream world.

10. Backbite

A person notorious for cheating is never considered trustworthy. People consider it good to stay away from it. However, according to an American study published in 2012, ingesting not only reduces the production of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’, but also helps in controlling heart rate. In such a situation, there is no harm in doing that which does not harm anyone.

11. Shaking Legs While Sitting In a Chair.

The habit of moving the legs while sitting on the chair is considered a sign of rudeness. However, if you look at an American study, sitting in a chair in the office and shaking your legs while working helps to maintain a smooth flow of blood in the veins. Not only this, but the body also gets some benefits as much as exercise. Tapping a finger on the desk is also beneficial for health.

12. Keeping things scattered

Does your home or office have things scattered? Do people taunt you about this? If so, do not be discouraged. A recent study has shown that being scattered around, motivates a person to focus more on work and achieve the set goal. He is always trying to work in a systematic manner.

13. Eating Chewing gum

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Chewing gum helps to increase not only concentration but also production efficiency. Australian research found that participants who were eating chewing gum did better in the test to test IQ. Another study found chewing gum to be effective in increasing the secretion of feel-good hormones and reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

14. Chew The Nails, Suck The Thumb.

In a recently published study, researchers monitored the health of a thousand children since they were five years old. At the ages of five, seven, nine, and 11, parents were asked whether the children had the habit of chewing nails or sucking fingers. When the children were aged 13 and 32, they were tested for allergies. Allergy cases were less frequent in nail chewing and thumb sucking.

15. Loiter

Laziness is really bad. But sometimes it is beneficial to avoid it. A recent study by the Worton School of Business suggests that postponing work allows a person more time to explore new ideas. This increases both his creativity and productivity. Apple founder Steve Jobs took some time off from work for the new invention.

16. Skipping A Shower

Most of us start our day by taking a bath. Some people take a bath even under compulsion, but for some reason, if you are unable to take a bath, then there is no need to be depressed in it.

However, we know that by not bathing, we start to look dirty on some days and smell comes from the body. But research has come out that instead of taking a bath, we can also have a disadvantage.

The University of Utah’s Center for Genetic Science says that by keeping ourselves clean, the human microbiome (a group of bacteria), viruses and other microbes present above and inside our body are destroyed, which is essential for our health.

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