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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is used all over the world. There is hardly any house in which ginger tea is not made. Ginger is also used as a vegetable in all households. Actually, there is so much benefit from the consumption of ginger. Ginger is used daily in every household. Apart from this, ginger also has many qualities. Do you know that ginger is also an herb, and the use of ginger provides benefits in diseases like digestive system, bloating, body aches, cold, and cough? Not only this, but the medicinal properties of ginger are also beneficial in heart diseases, blood disorders, piles, etc.

Many good things have been told about the quality of ginger in Ayurveda, which is very important for you. You can take advantage of the medicinal properties of ginger in lack of appetite, indigestion, Vata-pitta dosha, etc. You can also take benefits of ginger in wounds, stones, fever, anemia, and urinary disease. Let us know here one by one how many diseases are benefited from the consumption of ginger, as well as know what can cause ginger side effects.

What is Ginger

The rhizome that grows inside the soil is called ginger in the humid state. Ginger is mentioned in ancient texts. It is being used in medicine powder, decoction, Gutika (pill) and etc. for many years.

Ginger is fragrant. The ginger plant survives for many years. It is soft, about 90–120 cm high. Every year new branches emerge from the process. Its body is white or yellow in color, which is brown on the outside. Ginger has stripes and is split into one or several parts along with being circular.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of ginger that have been written in very easy language. So that you can get the full benefit from the medicinal properties of ginger.

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Name of Ginger in Different Languages

  1. Hindi- अदरक, सोंठ, आदि.
  2. English- Wet ginger root
  3. Sanskrit- नागर, अदरक, शृङ्गवेर, कटुभद्रा, आर्दिका, विश्वा
  4. Urdu- अद्रक (Adrak), अदरका (Adraka)
  5. Oriya-ओडा (Oda)
  6. Assamese-अदा (Ada) 
  7. Konkani-अलेम (Alem)
  8. Kannada-अल्ल,(Alla)  हसीसुण्ठी (Hasisunthi), इन्ची (Inchi)
  9. Gujarati-आदु (Adu), शुंठ (Sunth)
  10. Telugu-अल्ल (Alla), अल्लमू (Allamu)
  11. Tamil-अलाम (Allam), इंजी (Inji)
  12. Bengali-आदा (Ada), शुण्ठी (Shunthi)
  13. Nepali-अदुवा (Aduva)
  14. Punjabi-अदरक (Adrak), आदा (Ada)
  15. Marathi-आले (Ale) 
  16. Malayalam-इंची (Inchi), चुक्कु (Chukku)
  17. Arabic-जिंजीबिल रतब (Zinjibil ratab)
  18. Persian-जंजबीले तर (Janjbeele tar), जंजबिल (Zanjabil)

Medicinal Properties of Ginger 

Ginger in dryness is Kapha-vat sedative, inflammatory, stimulant, pain-reliever, stimulant to the nerves, satiety, pleasing, deepening, digestion, Vatanulomon, Shul-Prashan, and Arshoghan. Being warm, the heart and blood stimulate the institution. Ginger is bitter and balsamic due to being bitter and balsamic. Due to sharpness, it also removes antitumor.

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Ginger Benefits and Uses 

The quantity and methods of consumption or medicinal use of ginger are: –

Ginger Benefits for Headache

  • Mix 5-gram dry ginger paste in 50 ml milk.
  • Filter it and take it through the nose.
  • This causes severe headache treatment.

Ginger Benefits for Ear Pain

  • Heat the ginger juice lightly, or you can mix ginger, honey, and banana and cook it in oil, or add 1-2 drops into the ear, lukewarm by mixing all four. This helps in the treatment of earache.
  • Mix equal quantity of cath fruit juice, Bijora lemon juice, and ginger juice. Warm it up a little. Filter it and put 1-2 drops in the ear. This helps to treat earache.
  • Add ginger, licorice to the juice of the juices. Warm it up a little. After filtering this and putting 1-2 drops in the ear, it is very beneficial for ear pain.
  • Applying 2-5 drops in the ear after lukewarm juice of the dry ginger is useful to cure earache.

Uses of Ginger to Treat Dental Pain

  • The use of ginger in toothache has benefits. Pressing a piece of dry ginger between the teeth cures toothache.
  • Cough is cured by taking honey mixed with 5 ml ginger juice.

Ginger Uses in Fighting with Cough and Cold 

  • Drink two grams of ginger powder mixed with 100 ml of milk. It is beneficial in cold.
  • Add honey to 2 teaspoons of ginger juice and drink it in the morning and evening. It is beneficial in diseases related to breathing, cough, and cold, etc.
  • Mix one-fourth of honey in 5 ml ginger juice. Taking it in the morning and evening cures breath, cough, cold, and fever.
  • Drink ginger decoction twice a day to relieve cold and cough.

Ginger Uses to Stop Vomiting

Mixing 10 ml ginger juice, 10 ml onion juice and giving it a drink gives lightening of the stomach.

Ginger is Beneficial in Cold Body Condition

  • When your body becomes cold and you are feeling cold during cold days, then add a little garlic juice to the ginger juice.
  • Massaging it causes warmth in the body.

Benefits of Ginger in Fighting with Fever

  • Drinking a decoction of dry ginger is useful to get relief in fever.
  • Prepare a decoction by mixing equal quantities of dry ginger, Pittapapada, Nagarmotha, Khas, Lal Chandan, Sugandhabala. Drinking 10-30 milliliters of this is beneficial in the problem of fever and excessive thirst.
  • Make a decoction of dry ginger, red sandalwood. Taking this decoction coldly provides relief in the problem of feeling thirsty, vomiting due to bile dysfunction, and burning sensation of the body.
  • If you do not feel hungry during fever, make 5 ml ginger juice and heat it.
  • Give 2 ml of fresh ginger juice on the first day. After this, increase the quantity of 2-2 ml daily. In this way, when the quantity of 20 ml is given, then give it like this for one month. Similarly close by subtracting from 2-2 milliliters. Food should be consumed daily with milk or juice after digesting the medicine. Taking ginger in this way benefits in diseases like tumors (lumps), stomach diseases, hemorrhoids, bloating, diabetes, shortness of breath, colds, loss of appetite, indigestion, rickets, jaundice, psychosis, cough and phlegm growth, etc. it happens.
  • Take one-fourth ginger paste, four times ginger juice, and cow’s milk. Add 750 grams of ghee to it. Cook it and consume it daily. It is beneficial in colds, stomach diseases, and indigestion.
  • Starting equal amount of dry ginger or ginger with jaggery, increasing by 1 gram daily, after taking 30 grams for 1 month, then reducing it with the same order, then stopping swelling, colds. Diseases of Kapha and Vata etc. are prevented.
  • Mixing an equal quantity of Trikatu, Banana, and Ginger juice and taking it twice a day for a few days is beneficial.
  • Make into the juice of ginger and mix the powder of Trikatu (dry ginger, Marich, and Pippali). Fever, emaciation, fainting, cough, gout and mouth diseases, eye disease, the inertia of the body, vomiting, etc. are cured.
  • Drinking different types of water from different regions, if fever etc. causes disease, then taking equal quantities of ginger and 1-2 grams paste of Yavakshar with lukewarm water is beneficial.

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Ginger Benefits in Indigestion

  • Take an equal quantity of pure powder mixed with jaggery before meals. It provides relief in piles and constipation.
  • If any person is aware of indigestion, take an equal quantity of powder of Haritaki and dry ginger in the quantity of 2-3 grams before meals. It is beneficial in indigestion.
  • The decoction of dry ginger, Aconitum heterophyllum(Atish), and Nagarmotha help in digestion.
  • Mix dry ginger, atish, Nagarmotha paste, only Haritaki powder, or dry ginger powder with lukewarm water (quantity- 500 mg to 2 grams). This also leads to digestion.
  • If in the morning it seems that the dinner is not digested, then take the powder of myrobalan, dry ginger, and banana with water. Take it after lunch or in the afternoon or evening.
  • Taking 10-20 grams of Shringveradya Ghee daily is beneficial in indigestion, pain, constipation, flatulence, arthritis, backache, intestinal diseases.
  • Take an equal quantity of 2-3 grams Haritaki and dry ginger daily. Make the powder and mix it in jaggery. Digestion is cured by eating it or taking jaggery mixed with dry ginger and eating it daily. It cures digestive system disorder and provides relief in piles.
  • Make a decoction of dry ginger. Digestion is strengthened by drinking honey mixed with 10-30 ml of it.
  • Make a decoction by taking an equal quantity of coriander and dry ginger. Digestion remains fine by taking 10-30 ml of it.
  • Add 5 ml lemon juice to 1-2 grams of dry ginger powder. Mix it in sugar syrup four times. Add 1 gram of Trikatu powder to it and take it. It improves digestion power and increases appetite.
  • Mix 1 gram dry ginger powder in 2-5 gram vine paste. Drink it with jaggery and buttermilk. It is beneficial in indigestion.

Uses of Ginger to Increase Appetite

  • By eating dry ginger and Fumitories, fever, indigestion. Also, the problem of over thirst and loss of appetite are cured. Drink it in the quantity of 5-10 grams daily.
  • Cook 5 grams of dry ginger, saliva, Nagarmotha, and Guduchi and take it in 5 grams quantity. By this, the problem of fever, excessive thirst, and loss of appetite are removed.
  • Mix equal amount of dry ginger powder in 1 gram of Yavakshar. Add double the ghee to it. Take it. It removes the loss of appetite.
  • You should consume 2 grams of dry ginger powder with lukewarm water every morning. Lack of hunger is also overcome by this.
  • Eating 2 grams of dry ginger powder with ghee or only dry ginger powder with lukewarm water every day in the morning increases appetite.
  • Eating salt and ginger chutney at the beginning of daily meals removes tongue and throat disorders. Hunger increases and the heart becomes stronger.
  • Eating ginger pickle increases appetite.
  • Mix equal quantity of powder of carom seeds make, myrobalan Chebulic, and dry ginger. Taking 2-4 grams ends the pain. This increases appetite.

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Benefits of Ginger to Stop Diarrhea

  • Diarrhea is prevented by the use of Pippali, dry ginger, coriander, Bhutik, Haritaki, Vacha and Hriber, Nagarmotha, vine, dry ginger, coriander.
  • Add equal quantity of ghee to 3-6 grams dry ginger powder. Wrap it with castor and cook it. Mix equal amount of sugar in ripe powder and take it in the morning, it ends diarrhea and stomachache during diarrhea.
  • Drinking water cooked from fragrance and dry ginger is beneficial in diarrhea.
  • If there is diarrhea due to phlegm, take 1-2 grams dry ginger paste with lukewarm water. It’s profitable.
  • Taking pure, ghee is beneficial in inflammation, intestinal diseases, common diseases, anemia disease, spleen disease, cough, and fever, etc.
  • Make a decoction of dry ginger, poppy seeds, vine kernel, Motha, coriander, sprained juice, and Netrabala. Drinking 10-30 ml of this mixture is beneficial in diarrhea and bile-phlegm fever.
  • Make a decoction by mixing coriander (10 grams) and dry ginger (10 grams). It should be given to the patient in 10 to 10 milliliters in the morning and evening. It cures fever, pain, and diarrhea.
  • Take an equal amount of dry ginger and Idra barley. Drink their powder with rice water. When the powder is digested, then add the Yavagu cooked by adding the Changeri, buttermilk, and the juice of the pomegranate. It’s profitable.
  • Cook aromatics and ginger in water. Drinking this is beneficial in diarrhea.
  • Make a circle around the navel with the paste of amla paste or lentils. Fill ginger juice in it. Let it be shaken for as long as the patient can live. This prevents diarrhea and provides relief from the pain of diarrhea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ginger consumption increase immunity?

According to Ayurvedic experts, ginger contains many properties that help in increasing the immunity of the body. Therefore, Ayurvedic doctors recommend limited quantities of ginger to protect against diseases (such as colds ) that occur during the winter season and during changes in the weather. Take special care of this that as a home remedy for any disease, consume ginger in limited quantity, because intake of excess quantity can harm your health.

Is ginger intake beneficial for asthma patients?

A major cause of respiratory distress in asthma patients is phlegm congestion and ginger has phlegm-calming properties. According to experts, if ginger juice is mixed with honey, it is very effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma as both ginger and honey help to soothe phlegm.

How to consume ginger in winter season?

You can use ginger in many ways during the winter season. If you want, you can make ginger tea or chutney or you can eat ginger juice mixed with honey. Apart from this, a small quantity of ginger can be added as a spice in a daily homemade vegetable.

How to use ginger to relieve phlegm?

Increased phlegm is a common problem in winter. Due to phlegm, there is frequent cough and tightness in the throat also. To get rid of these problems related to phlegm, you should use ginger juice mixed with honey.

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