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Top 10 Countries with Similar Flag and Differences

Whenever we Indian’s see our flag anywhere waving with pride, the feeling in our hearts is that of patriotism and pride. Our flag is the pride of India. And this value is not only in minds of Indians; But also in the minds of every citizen of the country toward their flag. Every country is identified with that flag yellow green red whatever color it has.

That flag represents the most unique characteristics, flag yellow green red colors and different cultures of that country. But in this world, there are many countries whose culture is as different as Kapil Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

But their flags are like each other’s twins. And the difference between these country’s flag is so small and fine that even the true patriot should be confused. So stay with me till the end of this article, to know about these unique countries with Similar Flags.

Today’s article is also about those countries, whose culture, religions, people’s lives, and origins differ from the land and the sky. But his flag is so same as they belong to one country, their colors flag yellow green red, just some printing has been mistaken. So stay with me till the end of this article, to know about this unique country “Top 10 Countries with Similar Flag”.

Romania and Chad Flag:-


Romania is one of the most beautiful countries in East Europe. Because wherever you go you will see only high mountains and a valley filled with flowers. This is a very rich and Prosperous country. And for many reasons in the world, it is considered a very known country. This country gave birth to the espresso coffee, Count Dracula, World’s most colorful cemetery, World’s most heavy building.


This county is Africa’s very small country. 3/4 of which is covered by the Sahara Desert. Chad is the world’s 7th poor country where around more than 90% population is below the poverty line. On the other hand in every city of chad government has installed only one television station. And here people listen to only the radio.

But if you compare the flags of both countries, You can’t identify which flag belongs to which country. Both country’s flags, their design, size, the order of color flag yellow green red are the same. Only a minor difference is between the color shade of the flag.

To differentiate it you need to keep both flags parallel to each other need to compare carefully. If both the flags are seen from a distance, then the true patriot will start to scratch the head.


Indonesia and Monaco Flag


This is one of the countries in Asia about which everything is bigger. This means this country is a house of the world’s largest flower “Rafflesia”, The largest lizard Komoto dragon, The largest gold mine, The largest volcanic lake, The largest Buddhist temple, and the world’s largest Muslim population and youth population. Indonesia is the world’s 4th largest country by area.


If you see how big is Indonesia then that much smaller is Monaco. Monaco is the world’s 2nd smallest country. So small that you will go from one end of this country to the other in just one hour. Monaco neither has its own airport nor its own defense force. If anything, it is countless Casinos and Catholic churches.

But as much different these two countries are, the more similar flags of these two countries have. Both the flags are made of red and white strips. Which is arranged in the same order of color. But the difference between these two flags is only in the width.
Indonesia’s flag is wider than the flag of Monaco. You are reading “Top 10 Countries with Similar Flag”.


Qatar and Bahrain Flag

flag yellow green red

If you are interested in international politics then you may know that there is dissonance in these countries since 19 century. Bahrain is a small island country located in the Partial gulf. On the other hand, Qatar is a Peninsular Arab country 500 km away from Bahrain. Which is divided by a small part of the Partial gulf. But as much they are closer to each other that much is disputes between them.

In starting when there was a war between Qatar and Bahrain from there dispute started. From 1868 Qatar – Bahrain war disputes started between both countries. Then when this fight was over, in 1936 there were disputes about Hawar Island, Kruchetta. And in 2001, when the fire of controversy started to cool down a bit. Again in 2014, Bahrain disagreed with Qatar due to not following Qatar’s GCC Agreement.

These disagreements have never ended since then. And in 2017, Bahrain broke all diplomatic relations with Qatar. And today all the airplanes of Qatar are made banned in Bahrain. After so many disagreements, I wonder why they have not yet fought for their flag. The flags of Qatar and Bahrain look exactly the same if seen from a short distance.

The only difference is in colour. Qatar’s flag colour is maroon and Bahrain’s flag colour is red. Other than that Qatar’s flag has 9 edgy ends. And the same for Bahrain is 5. But to find these differences, you have to be very knowledgeable. Then you can tell differences.

New Zealand and Australia Flag

flag yellow green red

New Zealand:-

No one can match the cricket team of these two countries and their beauty. New Zealand is a small island country. Here only 5% population is human and the remaining is of animals. This is the third country in the world where 2 national anthems go.

And this is a country where you can openly advertise for drugs. Here Snakes are not found at all. And every high school has permission to use Radioactive elements like uranium and thorium for the Nuclear experiment. Australia, the spouse of this strange country, is about 4000 km away from this.



This world’s smallest continent and the largest island. Australia is famous all over the world for its excellent cricket team, Kangaroo, Platypus, and Great Barrier Reef. Australia and New Zealand pair are exactly the same as Ram and Laxman. This is why the flags of these two countries are also very similar.

And if you do not know much about these two countries, then you will dodge these two flags. The difference between the two flags is just a few stars. The Australian flag has 6 white stars, 5 on the side, and one below the Union Jack. At the same time, 4 red-colored stars on the side of the flag of New Zealand. So finally we have reached the end of the list.

India and Niger Flag

flag yellow green red


Niger is one of the poorest and hottest countries in the world. And Niger is also known as the “frying pan of the world”. This African country is approximately 90% covered by desert. But Niger is home to the world’s 3rd longest and cleanest river “Niger”.

India :-

On the other hand, India is the world’s 7th largest country. And is also the fastest developing country. India has a huge contribution to the progress of this world. India has given 0 to the world, Water searched on the moon, First diamond mining. Not just such big things, small things like making white sugar from sugar cane, And the concept of shampoo has been given by India.

Where Niger is full of desert and terrain. India is a Peninsula, where we can see every type of terrain, like high snow mountain, Hot desert, beautiful beach, river’s, valley. But Niger and India are as different from each other, their flag is the same.

Niger’s flag is the same as India just a small difference is the Indian flag has an Ashok chakra in the center And the Nigerian flag has an orange spot at the center. So these are the 10 countries whose flags are the same.

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