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Egyptian Pyramids Facts, Construction, Surprising information

If I ask you which is the most beautiful place in this world. Then you will see the name of Jammu & Kashmir, Switzerland or some other beautiful places. But if I ask you which is the most mysterious place in this world, then you know what will be the answer to it, the answer is Egyptian Pyramids.

Nearly 4000 years ago, Egyptian people created very beautiful artifacts in their time. Along with which many secrets were also left behind. Such as the presence of aliens. The alignment of the pyramids with stars. Having a Natural AC inside the pyramid that keeps the temperature 20 degrees.

Which still does not allow scientists to sleep peacefully. The biggest secret is how these people build such structures. And such Structures mean not only pyramids here. But many other unbelievable structures are also being talked about.

Who Build Egyptian Pyramids People or Aliens?

The Pyramid of Egypt is a masterpiece. And it is one of the most famous places in the world. The pyramid has been studied for many years. Every technology is trying to understand it. But to date, no one has solved its mystery. How did they bring each piece together, and what kind of concrete did they use? And how is it so perfectly Align?

How such Structures were created without Machines and Technology. Making it like this is scientifically impossible. 23 lakh Limestone Blocks have been used inside the pyramid. It is so difficult to Spin these stones from one site to another, then how they brought them to the perfect position.

But they did both of these things. A block used to construct a pyramid weighs from 2700 kg to 70000 kg. Today’s modern Crane, which is used to build big apartments, cannot lift more than 20000 kg. In today’s time it is difficult to lift 20000 kg weight, so how would he have lifted 4000 years ago.

How is this done? How would they transport 70000 kg 4000 years ago? Without Advanced Machinery. There is an answer that most of you will not believe and that is Alien. There is a theory associated with the pyramid called “Orion Co Relation”. If you look at the pyramid at night, you will see that this pyramid is aligned with the constellation of stars in the sky.

Orion’s Belt

The name of this constellation is ORION BELT. And the three main stars of ORION BELT are ALNITAK, LINEMAN, and MILITATE which are SYNC with pyramids. Whose position and alignment are exactly like these stars. Seeing this impossible thing, many Theorists believes that at that time, aliens came to Earth.

And these aliens came from these stars and brought advanced technology with them. With the help of advanced technology, they built this impossible pyramid. No one knows whether the pyramid was built by aliens or humans.

But one thing is sure that there is some connection between the pyramids and the world of distant stars. Some theorists say that; As I told you “These aliens lived in the same three stars and this pyramid was built by aliens to show their connection with the Egyptians”. Only, for this reason, such a perfect alignment takes place at night.

TUNNELS IN Egyptian Pyramids

Pyramids are full of mysteries from every aspect. But the tunnels inside them are the biggest secret. And at first people used common sense to understand that it is designed for ventilation, but later this myth was debunked. This proved to be a mistake when a robotic camera was sent inside.

The robot noticed that it was actually stone-sealed at the end. And at the end of each tunnel there is something like a closed door, so how can it be made for ventilation. If we talk about all the chambers of the pyramid, there are a total of 3 discovered chambers inside it.

Star Shaft Theory

If you go inside all three chambers, you will be able to explore the other chambers. but the fact is, no one has seen them properly to date. Note that we said, no one knows how many chambers will be inside the discovered chambers. And it is also believed that these chambers are made to keep the body of the king. Because they believed that the king’s soul would go towards the stars of the sky.

This theory is also called Star Shaft Theory. When the remote control camera was sent inside the Queen’s Chambers. It was then discovered that a closed stone with metal was placed on it. It was built as if these people did not want anyone to go inside it.

And many such theories emerged after its discovery. Which says, there are more unseen chambers inside it. But through a new advanced device, this closed-door was drilled and a small camera was sent inside. The camera took the photo and broke it into a mysterious way before entering that chamber.

Further search remained incomplete. And since that time the government, there has not allowed anyone to explore this pyramid again. But the possibility is still there. There are many other tunnels inside it that have not yet been discovered.

Egyptian Pyramids and Mummy

There is no explanation as to why these Egyptian Pyramids were built. And so it is believed that this pyramid was built for the tomb of kings and queens of the time. It was the tomb of kings and queens. You must have heard of the mummy, so those who consider in the tomb of the king and queen says that the body of the king and queen was kept mummified through mummification.

The body was tied in a linen cloth and placed in the tomb. But the strange thing is that if you ask how many mummies have been found in pyramids to date, the answer is zero. Yes, not a single mummy has been found in the pyramid to date. The pyramid has not yet been fully discovered.

And no text was written on it, which was usually written on the tombs of the rest of the place at that time. No queen’s mummy was found in the Queen’s Chamber. And no King’s mummy was found in King’s chambers.

After seeing this, the theorists conclude that the pyramid was probably not built for this. Perhaps it would have been made for some other reason. Hence most thinkers believe that it was created by an alien and for their work. And maybe it was a kind of power plant for them.


Geographical Center Of The Entire Earth

How perfect are these Egyptian Pyramids? Do you know that you take a map of the world; And find out the center, which will be the center? Surprisingly, the geographical center of the entire Earth is the place where the pyramid is built. This can be a complete coincidence.

But don’t forget that these pyramids were built at a time when humans had no idea about the Earth. At that time it was not known whether the earth was round or flat. As they may have known about them, they believed that the Earth is flat, then how did these people find the center of the Earth at that time.

And one surprising thing is that a part of this pyramid was in the Alignment of the North Pole. If you start an arrow from its center, then you will get it directly by going to the North Pole. There is only a difference of a few kilometers.

But you will be surprised to know that the land structure of 4000 years ago has changed a bit today. Therefore, there is little difference, which is due to changing the structure of the Earth over the years. Which is natural. Otherwise, 4000 years ago it was aligned towards the North Pole.

Egyptian Pyramids Stone

Do you know the stones from which the pyramid was built, It is millions of times stronger than any common stone. And scientists have analyzed those stones a lot. And would you believe that scientists have not yet been able to find out what it is? It is like limestone, but not limestone. Scientists said that such stones are not available elsewhere on earth.


Pyramid Construction Technology

The most strange thing about the construction of pyramids is that the “ball and socket” construction type was used while making them.
This is a method that can also withstand heat expansion. This means, due to heat, when the stone becomes slightly larger, it can withstand that expansion. And it can also withstand earthquakes in the “ball and socket” construction type. Think of shockproof technology, that too 4000 years ago.

1. Air Conditioner In Pyramids

Egyptian desert which is close to the pyramids. It is a very hot area. And hot winds keep flowing there. But despite all these, the pyramid was built at the time, no matter the temperature outside, the temperature of the pyramid inside is consistently 20 degrees Celsius.

Which is the most comfortable temperature on the earth. We can also call it an air conditioner at that time. So is there really any intelligent beings behind it, who had so much knowledge about this world as we do not have even today. Theorist believes that aliens gave this knowledge to the Egyptian people.

2. Drawings In Egypt

In all the tourist places of Egypt, you will find drawings of aliens and their spaceship. Which is shown to us in the modern era. Therefore some people believe that the aliens alone built these pyramids without humans involvement. No one can guess how correct the theory is.

Previously we talked about the sync of the stars. Looking at it more deeply, it is known that such perfect alignment cannot be done with stars without an ariel view. Its position could be considered only with the help of Ariel View from above.

4000 years ago there was not even Drone and Helicopters. Then how Alignment is done by sitting on the ground? Only beings from other planets could do all this. Aliens can know ariel view with the help of your spaceship from above.

3. Amazing Alignment Of Egyptian Pyramids With Sun:-

June 21 means the day with the biggest day and the shortest night. On this day, if you look at the Great Pyramid in the evening, such a view of the sun from above the lion in the exact center of the pyramid.

How is it possible? One thing can be coincidental, but this structure holds so many coincidences that we cannot call it coincidental. it was a planned thing. Therefore, most of the theory says that at that time only aliens from another world could do such complex calculations. They had such knowledge and tools that even modern science does not have.

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