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8 Benefits of eating dates daily for men and women

To remain healthy, we are advised to consume many types of foods. Such foods also include the name of all dry fruits, which are also considered beneficial for reducing many types of health risks. If consumed regularly, it can bring many good benefits to our health. Dry fruits are used in food to reduce the risk of many types of problems related to our health. Apart from being full of nutritious elements, there is no risk of getting any kind of chemical in them, due to which their consumption is considered safer. You can easily find a packet of dry fruits at any grocery shop. One such dry fruit is named Khajur or Dates, which has a lot of benefits to our health.

Many people also consume it with milk. It can be helpful in keeping the risk of many health-related diseases from our bodies.

Dates benefits

Here are the 8 best benefits of consuming dates so that you too can avoid the risk of life-threatening diseases and stay healthy.

The risk of diabetes will be less

If the amount of blood sugar level in the body increases, then the person becomes very easily a victim of diabetes. To control blood sugar level, dates have been shown to have excellent properties. Therefore, if you consume dates two to three times a week, then the risk of diabetes can be reduced by several times.

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidant activity mainly acts on the skin of the face and body. In addition, antioxidant action also plays a role in strengthening immunity. According to a scientific study, a significant amount of anti-oxidant has been observed in dates. Therefore, if you wish, you can also add dates to your diet as an antioxidant food source.

Full of fiber

Speaking of fiber-rich foods, date palm occupies a special place in it. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, a sufficient amount of fiber is found in dates. Fiber is mainly considered to be an excellent nutrient for healing digestion and reducing the risk of stomach problems. Therefore, you can eat dates for the supply of fiber nutrients.

Risk of heart diseases will be less

Many types of heart-related diseases cause millions of deaths in India every year. Cardiac arrest, heart attack leads to the large-scale death of people. Whereas the risk of heart diseases is reduced by manifold due to consumption of dates. This is possible because it has the properties of carotenoids and phenolic acids. It has the special property of reducing the risk of heart-related diseases. Its effect can protect your heart from the risk of any disease.

Improve Brain Power

To improve the functioning of the brain and maintain its activity, dates can also be consumed. During a clinical trial, it was observed that normal inflammation in the brain due to consumption of dates can be reduced. Apart from this, it also inspires the nerves of the brain to function optimally. Its effect can also prove to be a good dry fruit to speed up the functioning of the brain and boost memory power.

Benefits of eating dates in pregnancy

Many types of foods have to be thought about during pregnancy. According to a scientific study, it has been confirmed that the consumption of dates during pregnancy will show beneficial effects. Due to its consumption, the woman has very little labor pen during the time of giving birth. Along with this, it has also been observed in a clinical trial that women feel more strength during pregnancy due to consumption of dates.

Control high blood pressure

To control the problem of high blood pressure, the amount of magnesium and potassium in the dates will prove to be very beneficial. For people who have problems with high blood pressure, as a home remedy, prepare two drinks by mixing two dates in a glass of milk. Consuming this can help to a large extent in controlling blood pressure. In addition, the risk of high blood pressure is reduced by several times in those who regularly consume dates.

Strengthen bones

The use of dates is also very beneficial for strengthening bones. For better health of bones, Date contains phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. These nutrients strengthen bones as well as reduce the risk of arthritis and bone repair. You can also consume it with milk to get its best benefits.

Disadvantages of eating accessive dates

  • The date can increase blood sugar in the body, so do not eat it too much and those who have diabetes should eat it only on the advice of the doctor.
  • If your weight is high then avoid eating dates because it can increase the weight.
  • Overeating dates can cause abdominal pain or gas problems.
  • It also causes diarrhea in many people.
  • Some people may also be allergic to it.

How to store dates

  • Fresh dates can be kept in an airtight box and kept in the fridge, then it can be kept for 6 months.
  • Dried dates can be stored in a similar way for 1 year to give them a longer shelf-life.
  • When it is kept in airtight compartments, bags, or containers, its lifespan increases.

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