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Difference in BS4 & BS6 Engine | BS4, BS6 Full Details

It is clear from the sources that BS6 Engine Bikes will cause less pollution than Bs3 Engine Bikes. Bs3 vehicles were eventually banned to clamp down on pollution. Right now Bs4 Engine Bikes are being sold in the country which is effective to protect the environment from contaminated air, not only this, but only 2020 Bs6 Bikes will be implemented to fight against pollution, which is very good for the environment. Will change.

After all, why are Bs3 vehicles banned, what is the difference between Bs4 or Bs3? .. and why Bs6 is better than Bs4?… What effect will it have on our lives? You will get answers to all these questions here today.

What is a BS vehicle?

Whenever there is talk of a vehicle, the name ‘BS’ associated with it is also mentioned. Actually, BS means Bharat Stage. It is a standard that measures the pollution of automobile engines in India. This standard has been set by the Government of India.

At the same time, the number (BS-3, BS-4, BS-5, or BS-6) appears next to BS. Increasing the number ahead of BS means better standards of emissions, which are right for the environment. If you understand in easy language, the larger the number written in front of BS, the less pollution there is likely to be from that vehicle.

BS is related to the emission standard. BS shows how much pollution your car causes. It is through BS that the Government of India regulates the pollution caused by the smoke emanating from the engine of the vehicles. The number that happens to BS shows how much pollution the engine spreads i.e. the larger the number, the less pollution. BS3, BS4, and BS6 are prescribed along the same lines.

1. What Is BS3

Do you know what is Bs3 and why it was banned?

The Bs3 was implemented across India in 2010, but as per Supreme Court rules. No automobile company can now sell a Bs3 Bike. The Supreme Court has banned all automobile companies from selling Bs3 bikes from 1 April 2017.

Bs3 Full Form is “Bharat Stage 3”, it is through Bs that the Indian government measures the pollution caused by the smoke emanating from the engine of the vehicle only through how much pollution your vehicle is spreading.

Every country has a different standard. The Bs standard is set by the Central Population Control Board. Bs3 is accompanied by a number to determine how much pollution the Bike Engine is causing.

BS3 bike list in India

  • TVS Apache RTR 200 4V
  • TVS Apache RTR 160
  • Honda Navi
  • TVS Jupiter

2. What is BS4

Bs4 Full Form is “Bharat Stage 4” Now you will not find the Bs3 Bike at any showroom because all the automobiles have stopped selling all the Bs3 Bikes.

You might not know that the first Bs Engine was built in 1991 which was only for petrol, then in 1992, it was implemented for diesel.

Bs4 Engine was first implemented in some cities and territories in 2016 but it has been implemented in all the countries from 1 April 2017. Bs3 Engine used to pollute more and Bs4 Engine do not pollute more than you spend in Bs4 Engine But Bs4 Engine is good for our environment.

But you would hardly know that Bs4 Engine is going to be banned in India from April 2020. Yes, preparations will be started to ban Bs4 Engine from 1 April 2020 for this.

Benefits of BS4

Have you thought about how much impact the environment will have on the arrival of Bs4 Engine Bikes and the benefits we will get from it?

  • Its biggest advantage is that it will keep pollution levels under control.
  • In the Bs4 Engine, the smoke is not removed without burning, which reduces the amount of contaminated smoke in the air.

BS4 BIke list in India

3. What is BS5

BS5 did not apply One reason for this is that BS5 and BS6 engine fuels contain only the equivalent of toxic sulfur. While BS4 fuel contains 50 ppm sulfur, both BS5 and BS6 fuels contain only 10 ppm of sulfur. So the government decided to bring BS6 directly after BS4.

4. What is the BS6 Engine

An advanced emission control system will be fitted by the company in BS6 engine vehicles. Which will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by 70 percent in diesel vehicles and 25 percent in petrol vehicles. Due to which nitrogen oxide emissions are also high. And for this, the smoke emitted from BS4 fuel is one of the main causes of air pollution.

In other countries, where the Bs6 Engine is running, the same Bs4 Engine is running in India. So the Government of India decided to implement Bs6 directly in 2020, bypassing the Bs5 so that we also do not lag behind any country.

Benefits of Bs6 Engine

  • The introduction of the BS-6 emission standard will reduce the number of pollutants released from the engine of the vehicle. Such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur, etc., which will be less affected by the smoke emitted from the atmosphere.
  • Compared to BS-6 vehicles, BS-4 vehicles, the amount of nitrogen oxide released from petrol and diesel engines will be reduced by 25 percent. and the amount of sulfur will be reduced by five times.

BS6 Engine bikes list in India

  • Hero Splendor Plus
  • Royal Enfield Classic 350
  • Royal Enfield Bullet 350
  • Yamaha YZF R15 V3.

Difference Between Bs3 And Bs4 Fuel

  • Bs4 is considered much better than Bs3. Hydrocarbon Emissions and Co Emissions are kept lower in Bs4 than in Bs3.
  • Bs4 Engine is capable of preventing polluted fumes from all types of trains.
  • The smoke emanating from Bs3 pollutes our environment. Due to which many fatal diseases occur. It causes a headache, eye irritation, lung disease, nasal irritation, and vomiting, etc. To avoid all this, the government implemented the Bs4 Engine.
  • Bs4 Engine does not expel unburned fuel. It also has the facility of the container so that it cannot be found in the air.


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