10 Most Exotic and Best Beaches in the USA

sun, sand in the ocean what more could you want. Welcome to DaytooDays, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Beaches in the USA in 2021. Are you a fan of our articles be sure to subscribe to DaytooDays to be notified about our latest articles. For this list, we’re taking a look at the best beaches the United States has to offer vacationers in 2021 as ranked by TripAdvisor.

10. Driftwood Beach Jekyll Island Georgia

10 Most Exotic and Best Beaches in the USA

Driftwood Beach situated at Jekyll Islands northern end driftwood is perhaps the most unusually gorgeous location on our list. It is one of the Best Beaches in the USA. Strewn with dead trees, driftwood possesses a graveyard atmosphere. Which is typically the opposite of what one looks for on a beach.

Much like Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry through this Beach brings out the beauty in the McCobb. If you’re looking for a place to take a long walk, Where you can reflect on your life, driftwood provides a fitting backdrop. The lifeless trees are complemented by the tide washing up on the shore acting as a metaphor for the sands of time. Although that may sound gloomy a day at driftwood will inspire you to live life to the fullest. Hence why it’s a natural wedding venue.

9. Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale Florida we’re just gonna tell you upfront. To get used to seeing a lot of Florida on this countdown. And also comes to 9th place in our article Best beaches in the USA with pride. Dubbed the Sunshine State Florida is basically the country’s beach capital. And one of its most iconic cities is Fort Lauderdale.

To make the most of your visit we’d suggest taking advantage of the various cruises. And boat tours available on Fort Lauderdale Beach. For the especially adventurous there isn’t a better way to get a bird’s-eye view of the ocean than by parasailing. If you follow the beach’s award-winning wave wall, you’ll eventually come across the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Where guests can learn about the history of aquatic sports. who says you can’t soak up sun rays and knowledge at the same time.

8. St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach Florida. if you take a stroll down st. Augustine, you will find no shortage of seashells to collect. The coastline is only one of the reasons why this Beach is a must-visit however. the st. Johns County ocean pier extends far out onto the waters. feeling the ocean breeze wash up against your face.

As you arrive at the end of the pier it’s as if you’ve reached the edge of Nirvana. The pier also provides a volleyball court and visitor center with seaside restaurants within walking distance. On the other side of the beach is Ocean hammock Park which evolves into a wooden boardwalk running through green scenery. At the center of everything is a sandy shore that gives this stretch of land its beating heart.

7. Hapuna Beach

State Recreation Area who will call Hawaii, if there’s one US state that can give Florida a run for its money in the Beach Department, it would have to be Hawaii. No matter which island you visit no Hawaiian vacation is complete without a day at the beach. On the Big Island of Hawaii, Puna Beach will leave you overflowing with good vibes until the Sun Goes Down.

Actually, camping shelters are also available meaning that the fun can continue even when the moon comes out. When the current is at its comest Hapuna Beach is perfect for sunbathing and just chilling. Whether you bring your own cooler or grab lunch at the three frogs cafe, there are plenty of picnic tables with a view of Paradise to go with your meal.


6. Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Key Florida

Siesta Beach prides itself on having sand that’s 99% quartz making this vacation destination a regular diamond in the rough. It’s also a treasure trove where every day is capped off with a priceless sunset. On many beaches, the sand can be sizzling to the point where it feels like walking on hot coal.

The Sun practically bounces off this Beach is reflective sand though paving a shoreline. That feels surprisingly cool against your feet. During 1987’s great international white sand beach challenge siesta was honored for having the quote whitest and finest sand in the world. Although any day spent at Siesta Beach is bound to be special. We’d suggest dropping by in time for the crystal classic sand sculpting competition, and July 4th fireworks display.

5. Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach Florida making your way across Santa Rosa Island you’ll find a lovely spot called Pensacola Beach. Get ready for some more sand surf and relaxation. Just across the way from the casino is the Pensacola Beach golf pier which provides the best spot for fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

The quiet water beach boardwalk is another hot spot for food shopping and other fun activities. With the crawfish festival becoming an annual tradition. For history buffs, you can travel to the islands western end to explore Fort Pickens. Which has been a US military landmark since it was finished in 1834. Also, anyone who takes a dolphin cruise is sure to have a whale of a time.

4. St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach Florida, for anyone who’s ever dreamed of spending the night in a castle at the cusp of paradise. We’d recommend booking a room at Don Cesare since it’s one of the Best Beaches in the USA. Located on st. This Pink Palace gives the area a fairytale-like obvious. As if a mermaid could splash onto the shore at any given time.

You also can’t go wrong with the tradewinds island resorts. Which offers an equally majestic ocean view. as for the beach itself st. Pete captures Florida’s Gulf of Mexico at its liveliest where you can paddleboard parasail and wins surf the day away. Be sure to carve out enough time to buy a souvenir at quarry Avenue. Then as the moon emerges head to the drunken clam beach bar for a nightcap.

3. Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Florida when vacation season hits southerners regularly flock to Panama City. Since it’s relatively close compared to other Florida beaches. Thanks to its thriving real estate market Panama City has become an especially popular spot for Spring Break, the party. And hey festivities aside the beach is a dreamland with turquoise water, silky sand, and multiple resorts conveniently nearby.

One of the beaches’ premier landmarks is the MB Miller pier where fishing and watching the sunset go hand in hand. Various restaurants are lined across the seashore in case you work up a strong appetite walking down the trail.

2. Kaanapali Beach Lahaina Hawaii

All the Hawaii beaches Kaanapali stands out above all the rest which is no easy feat. Hawaii is pretty much synonymous with heaven on earth and one of the Best Beaches in the USA. And this Beach epitomizes why. extending about three miles, the beach was once a retreat from Maui’s royalty. Today anyone who dives into the crystal waters can feel like a king or queen.

From the Kaanapali Beach Hotel to the Westin Maui Resort. And Spa you don’t need to take one step across the coast without coming across a luxury resort. Between shopping at whalers village, golfing on a world-class course, snorkeling with fish, and even watching whales expect your vacation to be booked solid. Honestly, there’s so much to do that you may need a couple of weeks to cross everything off.

1. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach beach in USA

Clearwater Florida, sometimes you just need to get away from it all. And we guarantee you the second you take a dip into the clear waters that gave this beach its name. Best beaches in the USA. all of your problems will wash away. Clearwater beaches soothing ocean is only matched by its picturesque white sand. With parasailing, jet skiing, and an annual sandcastle-building contest. Clearwater has virtually everything you could possibly desire out of a traditional Beach experience.

What excels it to another frontier of fun is the wide variety of Tours. Which range from Dolphin sightseeing to whale watching to being a pirate for a day. Even if you’re a landlubber the beach walk shopping center. And live performances at Pier 60 will leave you wanting to retire here. Do you agree with our picks? Comment Below and also you would like to read TOP 10 AMAZING SWITZERLAND CITIES TO VISIT. And 9 BAD THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN 2020 | HORRIBLE YEAR

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