asthma and allergy

asthma and allergy


Asthma and Allergy, Symptoms, Treatments, Allergy Triggers

In the 21st century, asthma and allergy is spreading rapidly due to global warming and pollution, due to which many people have to lose their lives. According to a report published in Hindustan Times, 20 million people in India suffer from asthma every year.

Do you know this it is very difficult for any asthma patient to play with pets, rub his back, smell their smell.

What is asthma

Asthma due to the inability of a person to get air access to the Lung is called asthma. Due to asthma, he has many problems like breathing, loud breathing, cough, breathlessness, etc. The effect of asthma is different on different people, it is a problem for some people, while some people have to face a lot of trouble because of it.

Asthma and Allergy Difference

Many times people get confused with asthma and allergy. Although both have many things in common, both are different. Infection can be caused by a cold, cough, or difficulty in breathing for several consecutive days.

While in asthma, coughing at bedtime, chest tightness, exercising or climbing stairs, in addition to trouble breathing. Symptoms such as shortness of breath or cough, difficulty in breathing when it is cold or hot.

However, experts say that asthma is also an allergy. As soon as the body comes in contact with allergens, there is an asthma attack. This is called allergic asthma.

Yes, asthma and allergy have another connection. If someone does not have allergic asthma, only allergy, then the risk of getting asthma increases by up to 40%.

Asthma Symptoms

Typically, symptoms of asthma include shortness of breath, chest pain, cough, etc. All these symptoms can fluctuate and in some cases, people with asthma do not realize that they have asthma because they do not have these symptoms.

Asthma means difficulty in breathing. The disease can start suddenly, the symptoms of its onset are as follows:

  • Allergies like cough, sneeze, or cold
  • The feeling of chest pain or tightness
  • wheezing sounds while breathing
  • Feeling like restlessness and anxiety
  • Head heavy and tired
  • vomiting etc.

Asthma and Allergy Causes

1. Chemical and Fragrance

If a person comes in contact with strong chemicals and fragrances, then the chances of getting asthma may increase.

2. Pollen

Often, asthma can also be caused by pollen. For this reason, all people should keep their distance from pollen so that they do not have any kind of disease.

3. Consumption of tobacco

Asthma can also occur in a person who consumes tobacco. When you inhale tobacco, its particles stick to the windpipe with moisture.

Due to these particles, the patient suffers from repeated asthma attacks. The windpipe has small fibers to prevent foreign particles. These are called Celia.

4. Changing of the weather, mainly in winter

Sometimes, changing the weather can also increase the problem of asthma. This problem can also increase in the winter season, that is why people should take special care of their health during the winter season.

5. Pet Animals Hair

If you like playing with pets, then you should be careful as this can make you a victim of asthma.

The symptoms of asthma can worsen at night and most people have trouble breathing at night.

Apart from this, asthma disease occurs due to these 5 reasons-

1. Smoking

smoking causes asthma and allergy

Since asthma is a lung disease, that is why people who are fond of smoking can have asthma. One cigarette can also harm a patient.

2. Obesity

It is believed that obesity can cause many diseases. This thing also applies to asthma because there are many such cases in which asthma disease is due to obesity.

3. Allergy

Often, asthma starts with an allergy. For this reason, a person suffering from allergies should not take any kind of carelessness so that they do not have any serious illness.

4. Taking the stress

In today’s stressful era, many diseases are spreading. These include asthma.

Asthma disease can also increase in people who are under stress and anxiety all the time. Because stress along with disturbing the hormonal balance in our brain also affects the heart rate and the rhythm of the breath.

5. Pollution

The likelihood of asthma disease increases considerably when air pollution increases.

Asthma Side-effects

Usually, asthma is not taken seriously and that is why people suffering from it do not get their treatment properly. Due to this carelessness, they have to go through many problems. Therefore, a person suffering from asthma should not take any kind of carelessness as they may have to face the following side effects due to asthma

1. Having oral candidiasis

People may also have oral candidiasis due to asthma. Oral candidiasis is primarily a mouth infection, due to which people have difficulty swallowing food.

2. Disease of Ditonia

Other side-effects of asthma are Dystonia. In Dystonia disease, the body structure of a person worsens. In the case of dystonia, the muscles become uncontrollable and there is a lot of stretch and contraction.

The affected part of the body begins to stiffen and change its texture on its own. Dystonia can also affect one vein of the body or several muscles simultaneously. In many cases, the entire body can also be affected.

3. Sore mouth or throat

If a person has a sore throat or throat due to asthma, he should be treated immediately.

4. Weak bones in youth

Often, due to asthma, the bones of some people also become weak. Research has found that theophylline is a methylxanthine drug that dilates the airways of the lungs. Reduces breathing problems.

But it also works to kill bone-forming cells (osteoblasts). Not only this but also makes bone-destroying cells (osteoclasts) more active.

5. Cataract disease

Sometimes, people can also have cataract disease due to asthma. A cataract is an eye problem in which gradually the blurring of the eyesight begins, which reduces the appearance. Cataract disease can also be congenital.

Asthma Treatment

Pollution and smoke from factories, colds, flu, smoking, allergies, excessive intake of drugs, excess alcohol, etc. can cause asthma. Also, treatment of this disease is necessary for time, otherwise, this disease can take a fatal form in the future. But it can be prevented if treated with home remedies in time.

Home remedies are the only treatment by which any disease of the human being can be cured in one stroke and these are also called natural and Ayurvedic remedies.

Ayurvedic Treatment

1. Vitamin C and D

Vitamin C and D are the only treatment that can help you overcome your asthma problems. Because the inflammatory properties found inside it works to relieve your asthma.

2. Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and Garlic
Ginger and Garlic

You must have heard about the many benefits and properties of ginger and garlic, but do you know that ginger and garlic, besides curing empty constipation, facial rash, and paint related problems, can be used to cure asthma. Because it has anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties, it is a beneficial treatment for your asthma.

3. Mulethi

Mulethi is a very effective herb that is helpful in curing many diseases of the throat. Apart from this, along with Ayurveda, Mulethi has also been mentioned in Chinese medicine. The licorice is effective in relaxing the respiratory tract and provides further relief from asthma disease.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric used as spices in every house not only enhances the taste of your food, but it also relieves many serious diseases. According to research, darn science believes that the intake of cumin found in turmeric provides relief in bronchial asthma. Adding one teaspoon of turmeric to the diet daily can prevent asthma and many severe diseases.

5. Proper Diet

Dieting is the only good way to avoid serious asthma disease. Illness is one thing that is impossible to cure without medicine. When a person is ill, he goes to the doctor first and when the disease is detected, the doctor always prescribes some diet along with the medicine. In the same way, you should also do some dieting in asthma that does not harm your health.

Drugs Treatment

  • Long-term drugs such as inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene modifiers, combination inhalers, theophylline, and long-acting beta-agonists form the cornerstone for the treatment of asthma.

  • Inhaled corticosteroids help reduce inflammation and also reduce the body’s response to external triggers.

  • A doctor will usually advise a patient to take these medicines regularly as they require a lot of time to start working.

  • Relievers are usually bronchodilators and they cause airway constriction to relax and relax.

  • Combination inhalers have the properties of both prevalent and symptom control drugs. Typically, symptom controllers are used in combination with a preventive and they help relax the airway muscles. Usually, these medicines are taken twice a day.

Quick-Relief Medications:

  • Ipratropium is mostly used to relax the airways and thus make the person easier to breathe.

  • Short-acting beta-agonists can be administered using a portable and handheld inhaler or a nebulizer.

  • Oral and intravenous corticosteroids: To relieve airway inflammation with severe asthma, oral and intravenous corticosteroids are used to provide immediate relief during an attack.

Asthma types

Every creature needs oxygen to survive. Breath is the basis of a person’s life and when a person starts having difficulty breathing, this condition is called asthma or asthma disease. Asthma patients have difficulty in breathing and sometimes suffocating due to sudden breathlessness. Asthma particularly affects the lungs.

This increases the risk of respiratory diseases. Asthma is nowadays seen not only among the elderly and adults but also among the youth and children. Asthma in children and adults is of the same type. But apart from this, there are many types of asthma or asthma. Let us tell you about the different types of asthma.

1. Allergic asthma

During allergic asthma, you get an allergy to something like asthma, you get asthma as soon as you come in contact with dust or soil, or you become a victim of asthma as the weather changes. Allergic asthma is more likely to be seasonal because it is often spread by exposure to seasonal allergies.

In this way one becomes allergic to any substance. These may include:

  • food
  • Pollen
  • The dust
  • Pet animal’s hair

2. Non allergic asthma

The reason for this type of asthma is due to one thing going to the extreme. When you are under a lot of stress or are laughing very fast, you have had too much cold or too much cough or cold. Also Some other includes

  • Burning wood and cigarette smoke
  • cold breeze
  • Air pollution
  • Viral disease
  • Air freshener
  • Household Cleaning Products
  • Perfume

3. Mixed asthma

This type of asthma can occur for any number of reasons. Sometimes this asthma is due to allergy reasons, sometimes it is due to non-allergic reasons. Not only this, but it is also a little difficult to find out the causes of this type of asthma.

4. Exercise induce asthma

Many people get asthma due to exercise or more physical activity, then many people become asthma when they start working more than their capacity.

Symptoms of this disease begin to appear during exercise. See here what problems occur

  • cough
  • breathing problem
  • Chest pain and stiffness
  • Fatigue during exercise
  • Difference in performance

5. Cough variant asthma

Many times the cause of asthma is phlegm. When you constantly complain of phlegm or cough more during cough then you have an asthma attack.

The following symptoms indicate a cough variant asthma:

  • upper respiratory tract infection
  • chronic cough

It is possible that cough-variant asthma shows no physical symptoms and is still present in a patient.

6. Occupational asthma

This asthma attack suddenly occurs during work. If you regularly do the same kind of work regularly, you often get an asthma attack during this period or you do not suit your work environment due to which you become a victim of asthma.

Occupational asthma is a type of asthma induced by triggers in the workplace. Contains:

  • The dust
  • The colors
  • Gases and fumes
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Animal protein
  • Rubber latex

7. Nocturnal or Nighttime asthma

This is a type of asthma that occurs only at night, that is, when you often have asthma attacks at night, then you should understand that you are a victim of nocturnal asthma.

8. Mimic Asthma

When you have any health-related diseases like pneumonia, cardiac diseases, you can get mimic asthma. Mimic asthma usually occurs when the condition is worse.

9. Child onset asthma

This is the type of asthma that occurs only in children. As the asthmatic child grows older, the child starts coming out of this type of asthma on its own. This is not very risky but it is necessary to be treated at the right time.

Know below symptoms of asthma in children

  • Coughing and coughing at night
  • Feeling chest tightness
  • Having trouble breathing
  • Wheezing means whistling while breathing
  • Wheezing means whistling while breathing

May be, these symptoms are more visible in the morning and night.

10. Adult onset asthma

This asthma occurs in the youth. That is, asthma usually occurs only after the age of 20 years. Many allergic causes are hidden behind this type of asthma. However, the main reason for this is pollution, plastic, more dusty soil, and living with animals.

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