Are girls smarter than boys

Are girls smarter than boys


Are girls smarter than boys? Intelligence differences

Are girls smarter than boys? Giving remarks or judgment on the theme on which we will examine is questionable, biased, and against gender equality itself. In any case, you realize that our point isn’t to make a sensation, yet to discover truth and arrangement.

This is the reason today we will attempt to comprehend what is the result of a discussion of hundreds of years, are girls smarter than boys. If you face this proportionate request, by then stay with us till the end of the game plan. And you will find it very interesting.

One thing about Girls and Boys is that both of these are very beautiful creations of nature. Humorously called “Girls are wiser than boys, because they know less and understand more”. and also with due respect, some girls work more on their looks and less on their minds. Because they know that, boys are stupid and not blind.

In general, it is said that men came from Mars and Women from Venus. In many cases, as indicated by written history, men are being given more significance than women. Furthermore, that is the reason every one of the individuals who lectured after him was the males. For example. Jesus Christ, Goutam Buddha, Guru Nanak Ji, etc.


Similarly in all fields like Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, Law, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Music, Arts, and even Business and Government, everywhere, males are more than females. However, in all these fields, the contribution of women in all these fields has also been significant in the last few decades. So can we conclude from this that men smarter than women?

If men are really smart, then 90% of our prison people are not men. But both, Girls and Boys will agree that physical strength and stamina are more of a man than a woman. Millions of years ago, when the evolution of humans took place, this criterion was necessary for their survival. Due to the superior strength, the men started hunting with sticks and stone in the forest and caves. A woman’s role was cooking at home, handling children. And this role will continue like this for millions of years to come.

Charles Darwin said additionally in his book “Origin of Species” 160 years back, that he conveyed forward by saying that Adapt or get perish. And this role and its consequences have been adopted by both men and females millions of years ago.

In studies, it was found that the brain of a man is about 8 to 13% larger than the female’s brain. But this is because the physical size of the male is more than that of the female. But getting a big brain does not mean being more intelligent. Because the brain of whale fish and elephant is many times bigger than us. But there can be no match between humans and their brains.


More folds were found in the female brain, due to which the surface area of ​​the brain is more, that processes information. And yes, an interesting thing very few people know that all humans start their lives in the embryo stage only with a female body type.

But after four weeks if it contains the Y chromosome, then the body will start testosterone secreting, which is a male hormone. And this hormone will start to bring the difference in other hormones in the embryo. Average girls physically mature earlier as compare to the boy. And that’s why we can’t compare 12-year boy or girls with each other.

In studies, it was found that the average IQ of a 12-year girl is 100.4, and the same for a boy it was 99.2. But after physical maturity and growth hormones, the general intelligence of boys increases significantly. And that study also concluded that 16-years boy’s average IQ was 100.8. And same for girls reduced to 99.2.

Now even this study is not enough to find out some special conclusion. The human brain is highly complex and includes biological differences as well as cultural, environmental, and even religious differences. All human beings have two common things like emotion and intellect.

A Stanford University study found that the hippocampus area of ​​female brains is higher than that of boys. This brain part controls our emotions and long-term memory. That’s why girls are said to be more emotional. And their long term memory is also more powerful as compared to boys.

There is one more important thing, female uses both parts of her brain to mean hemisphere. On the other hand, man can use only a single part at a time. For this reason, females can handle multitasking easily like cooking, housework, cleaning, baby care, etc. And men can do a single job more accurately. they can very efficiently handle logical understanding and problem-solving matters.

Biologically, the oxytocin hormone is released more in the woman. For this reason, they are more generous, compassionate, and trustworthy. And focuses more on the emotional connection. Studies have found that girls study more than boys.


As you know, Boys play more games than girls. Ultimately, there is no standard from which we can conclusively say who is smart and intelligent. It was such a thing that we are comparing Apples and Oranges. Both girls and boys have unique strengths and weaknesses.

But in this era of gender equality, I feel that nowadays society is a bit biased towards females. like “If girl laugh loudly, she is cheerful; if a boy laugh loudly he is mannerless.”, “If a girl talk sweetly, she is charming; But if a boy talks sweetly he is flirting.”, “If a girl is shopping she is trendy, If the boy is shopping he is wasting his parent’s money.”, “If a girl is silent, she is shy; If but if the boy is silent he is rude.”

If in the end, it will be a matter of Girls and Boys then “Both are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, Smarter than you think”

So friends enough for this article Are girls smarter than boys

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