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7 Amazing Facts about Antarctica Continent

Today we are going to revile some facts about Antarctica. We all must have heard a lot of things about Antarctica, its temperature, etc. And maybe we must see some pictures on the internet. But have you ever try to imagine how is Antarctica? What would the atmosphere, temperature be like? Antarctica is the fifth largest and coldest continent in the world. Where neither the land is visible, nor the sun blossoms, nor the greenery dwells. If I have to describe Antarctica in one word, I will call it a huge iceberg. Antarctica is so large as it covers 14 million square/km areas of our earth. And 70% of freshwater exists in this city of snow.

When we think about Antarctica, only Penguins and Glaciers are visible in our minds. If we look from the top, we will not see Antarctica much different from our imaginary image. But among the huge glaciers of this icy continent, there are many such secrets that do not come even around any imagination.

The snowy desert of Antarctica has not only prevented humans from settling in but also hidden many mysteries of this earth. So if you want to know, what amazing secrets have hidden in this icy desert.? So be with us by the end of this article. In which I will tell you 7 such secrets that will make you look at science fiction stories that are realistic too. So let’s start.

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Underground lakes

If you know about basic geography, then you can understand that the areas around the North Pole and the South Pole are the coldest regions of the earth. It is surprising to find any kind of moisturizer in Antarctica where the temperature reaches even -90-degree Celsius. But there are many underground lakes under these big ice sheets.

The largest lake in Antarctica is “Vostok Lake“, which is present under 4 km of big ice sheets. You may be wondering, how water can exist under so much snow? So there is a very simple answer. Under the icy sheet, this water is present in liquid form due to high pressure. And the heat radiated by the womb of the earth in Antarctica also keeps this water at normal temperature. These underground lakes are the miracle of the earth. Here many strange ecosystems exist which are not found anywhere in the world.

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Elongated Skull

Yes, friends, the earliest remains of human bones found in Antarctica are elongated skulls. The shape of the residue of this elongated skull is very strangely high. Scientists believe that this has done by ancient people. Where some tribes used to lengthen the heads of their people and these residues are matching with those residues which have been found in Egypt. This clearly shows that there was some very deep relationship between the tribes living in Africa, South America, and Antarctica.

Martian Meteorite

In 2015, a potato-shaped Meteorite was found in Antarctica. And when that Meteorite examined by the scientist, they found that this meteorite came from Mars. After further investigation, they made a discovery that was no less than Alibaba’s treasure for the scientist. they found very unique fossils of microbes on this small meteorite. So that it clearly shows that there is life on Mars too. Now you only think that if we have found life on a small Meteorite found in Antarctica, what else can be found on Mars.

Nazi Bases

Hitler wanted to hoist his flag all over the world and run his rule. There is great proof of this thing being Nazi bases in Antarctica. There was nothing but 10-15 scientists in Antarctica, but Hitler’s army reached there. When World War II started in 1939, Hitler speculated that there would be a shortage of fuel and other fat-based products such as milk, butter, cheese, creams for his artillery. So he shipped one of his secret Nazi teams to Antarctica in search of a whale for margarine fat. This secret expedition was known as the “Schwabenland expedition“. This work lasted only a few years.

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Hidden Mountain Range

Since Antarctica is a huge continent and it has a cold temperature. There is so much ice here, that even after mixing the whole ice of the world, it will not be equal to Antarctica. In 1950, the “Gamburtsev Mountain Range” was discovered by researchers under an ice sheet. Which is approximately 2700 meters high and 1200 km long. The size of these mountains is around equal to the alps mountains of Europe. According to a scientist, these mountains are 1 billion years old. But according to mountains’ geology, any mountain can’t live for such a long period. These mountains are steadily become smaller because of corrosion. And only for 400–500 billion years, it appears on the earth. Then how these mountains remain for such a long period.

Singing ice sheet

Friends, Antarctica’s ice actually sings a song. After studying the Ross Ice Shelf in 1950, it was found that the sound of a woman crying came out when the air hit the ice shelf. People are unable to hear this voice. But this sound can be heard by Seasonic vibration record. These phenomena not only observed in the Ross Ice Shelf but in other places also.

Blood Waterfall

In 1911, these blood waterfalls found by an Australian geologist. When he set out to Taylor glacier on a walk. The water emanating from the Taylor Glacier is red. The first scientist speculated that the red color of the water is due to the red algae living in it. Later, after some investigation, it was found that there is a very large amount of iron oxide in this water. The secret of this water has now been solved. But still, the study on the creatures living in this water is on.

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