china india war

china india war


7 Reasons Why China not capable of direct war with India

China India war, a nightmare for the world. The abolition of Section 370 in Kashmir by India has become a matter of discussion all over the world. Pakistan is so angry that its leaders and officials keep threatening India every day. But have you noticed that China, a good friend of Pakistan, is staying away from this matter? staying away from war Is keeping himself away from this matter. And that too when China occupies the largest part of Ladakh ie “Aksai Chin”. If the issue of India comes up, then Chinese speaking stops. But what is the reason that China is keeping itself apart from this case? Let’s look at this article.

But first of all, you should understand that there is no one reason but 7 reasons. and that is as follows

China does not want to waste its 40 years of hard work by war.

china india war
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China’s biggest wish is that it wants to leave America behind and rule the whole world. And it has worked hard for this. You will be surprised to know that in 1980, the economy of India and China was almost the same. But after that, under the leadership of its best leader Deng Xiao Ping, this country started climbing the stairs of progress.

And this is the reason why China has become the second most powerful and economic power after America. China knows that if it gets entangled in a war with India, all its progress will be drowned in water. And the Chinese empire built so hard will stand on the brink of destruction. And with this, the dream of China’s domination in the whole world will remain incomplete. Therefore, this is the biggest reason for it not attacking India.
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Fear of neighbor countries to china

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The world knows that China is an expansionist country, that is, it aims to push the boundaries of its country continuously. Therefore they do not have good relations with their neighbors. And for this reason, China’s second-biggest problem is its neighboring country. Chin’s border dispute with all countries has been forever.

Let us tell you that this country has a border with 14 countries. The countries are North Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Mongolia, South Korea, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, and India. In addition, China’s maritime border also joins Japan, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Brunei, and Taiwan.

Out of this, there have been border disputes with all countries except Pakistan and North Korea. All of China’s neighbouring countries remain worried because of its expansionist policies. But the good thing is that all these countries have good relations with India. You will be surprised to know that many of the countries like the Philippines and Vietnam have bought BrahMos missile from India and kept it against China.

And for this reason, China fears that, if it becomes involved in a dispute with India, all its neighbors will join India. And many wars will stand and plight against China. Let me tell you that until Chin settles the issue of the South China Sea and establishes complete supremacy among its neighbors, it will not want to join any conflict with India.

To be one of the largest manufacturing center’s in China

There are many big factories in China’s land. You may know that China is one of the world’s largest exporters. That is, it sells the goods made in its own country by exporting in large quantities abroad. And for this reason, it needs a big market to sell its goods all over the world.

China is constantly producing new goods and has always needed a big market to sell its goods. And India is arguably the world’s largest emerging market. And China sees immense potential in the Indian market. China is the second-largest trading partner of India.

By partnering with India, China earns millions of millions of Yuan every year. Yuan which is the currency of China. If China gets into any dispute with India for any reason, it will have to lose this big market. This is the biggest threat, so China does not get involved with India in any case. Under any circumstances, China cannot tolerate trade breaks with India.

India being a democratic country

fourth-biggest problem is that India is a democratic country. If China attacks India, it will be considered a dictator country to attack a democratic country. Because of which all the democratic countries of the world can be against China. And because of this, Chin can be isolated in the world.

This threat to Chin has always been persecution. Because it is not a democracy but a party rule. China is a non-democratic and imperialist country. China knows that America and Europe will stand with India in the event of any conflict. Because India has a long democratic history.

And this is the biggest reason that China will need a big country to join the war with India. But currently, no other country exists in the world to go against India. Pakistan is just a toilet paper for Chin. You will be surprised to know that the Chinese people also do not trust Pakistan much.

India is a giant country in Asia

The fifth thing is that India is the third country with a very large landmass and the second country with the most populous in the world. Therefore it is impossible to capture it completely. There have been attempts to occupy India for centuries, but no foreign power has completely captured India. Some part of India has always been independent.

And has been fighting for its freedom. Chin knows the history of India. It knows that the Indian public will never accept the suzerainty of China. In such a situation, it will have to be stuck in the struggle for a long time, and because of this reason, the Chinese economy will be completely destroyed.

Therefore, China knows that by doing business with India, it can go into good condition and not by war. Although China is much more powerful than India in military terms. But India’s population is its biggest strength. Due to which India can wage war with China too.

The geographical location of India is safe from war

One of the biggest problems for Chin is India’s geographical location. There is a Himalayan mountain in the northern direction of India and the sea in the southern and other three directions. India is surrounded by the sea on all three sides. India is considered Ajay (unbeatable) because of his navy at sea. Meaning no one can beat India in the sea.

And therefore it is not possible for any country in the world to challenge India at sea. All the Indians forces have strong control over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There is a military base of India. The Chinese trade route passes through these destinations in India. Chin runs its own merchant business from the Gulf of Malaysia.

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And the entire export goods of Chin pass through this region. By stopping this route of China, India can give the biggest economic shock ever. Chin accounts for 70% of the trade in the Gulf of Malaysia. And that’s why the Gulf of Malaysia is the most fragile region for China. And for this reason, India can beat China at any time by taking control of this region of China. Due to this, China will get a big blow and hence goods like petroleum exported from China can be stopped.

India is capable of missile power for war

The Indian missile is capable of hitting any city of China. BrahMos, India’s most advanced missile, is one of the biggest threats to Chin. Because it can carry nuclear weapons and destroy any city of China. Considering the power of the BrahMos missile, all enemy countries of Chin have shown interest in purchasing this missile from India.

Chin knows that taking any action against India will force the Indian Army to take up arms against China. And this thing can be a great danger for Chin. Due to these 7 reasons, Chinese Prime Minister Xie Jinping is always forced to have good relations with India. Whatever statement China makes in Pakistan’s favor, but it knows that falling into direct confrontation with India can prove extremely dangerous. Because this war will cause a lot of damage to China while the rest of the peace can lead to more progress.

So friends, in this article today, there is so much hope that you would have liked this article, if you liked it, then read our other article too.

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